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Style column: Tough fabric.

The human psyche is a great activity of fashion. Basically the entire fashion turns to the psyche – what else. People not from the fear would be driven to make impression, on others only insufficiently, there would be no reason to dress up in a special way. Psychoanalyst Freud to Kohut have dealt with the narcissism of the libidinal occupation of the self. Without the ability to fall in love, self shopping could not. Because fashion can be so addictive, it is not surprising that she like is associated with drug use. And repeatedly used drug trips in fashion as a motive. Now it’s time again: we see wild patterns and spirals on tunics by Dries Van notes and pants by Marc Jacobs. Issey Miyake dress its customers from head to toe in the wildest colors and patterns. The British psychiatrist Humphry Osmond introduced 1956 psychedelic the concept in science and the writer Aldous Huxley addressed the doors of perception in his essay psychedelic experiences which he had made during various LSD experiments with Osmond. You perceive things in their Istigkeit, Huxley wrote. The psychedelic pattern lives of dissonance. Colors and shapes which can classify the brain have, so creates the impression of a foreign State of consciousness, a delimitation of the human reality. . You can check the following http://certeo1.chinakidsmart.com to read more on this amazing topic.

After protest in Iceland: Authorities take Elves.

They are called also Huldufòlk in Iceland: the faith of Elves and hidden nature is rooted in the culture of the country for centuries. Now, this belief has ensured that a highway is not being built as originally planned at least not quite -. It’s different in Iceland hip capital of Reykjavik. Many of young urban dwellers do not believe in Elves – or just don’t talk about it. In turn, others see as metaphors for the wild landscape, the Icelanders living in the elves and the Huldufòlk. While the Huldufòlk in size and shape to resemble the people, different manifestations according to legend can have Elf. They have in common that they should live in the natural rock or on hills. Whether they now believe or not: every Icelander knows at least an anecdote in which the mythical creatures appear. Everyone has such a history in his family, said Pétur Matthíasson by the Icelandic road construction authority. It’s just part of our cultural heritage. He believes himself not from the existence of the natural beings. Yet so many construction project in the length has drawn is in his authority, because others believe in the spirits of nature. If Elves supposedly lived at one point on the construction site, the excavator waited until the nature spirits were – moved as long as it is not too much money cost the State. That doesn’t hurt Yes Matthíasson says pragmatically. Unchallenged belief in the supernatural is occasionally rise to the concerns of local people and these opinions are taken into account as well as all others, Mr Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson writes Matthíassons in a five-page paper – he did extra has written, because there were so many requests from journalists to the Elves. . Additional info can be found reading http://certeo1.chinakidsmart.com.

Pirated celebs photos: “too bad for them!

Doctor in psychology and psychoanalysis, Serge Tisseron delivers its expertise on photos piracy respondents Deepu_kollam Lawrence and sixty other Hollywood celebrities. Fascinated by new media, he has published such books as dream, fantasize, virtualize, psychic virtual to virtual digital (2012), and should be banned screens to children? (2009) against the tide in the general opinion, it rejects the fault on the behaviour of the 25 years old actress who made available his private photos on canvas. We need to develop an education centered on the dangers of the Internet. Instead of using their wealth to subsidize gambling, instead of whining, or make the trial, stars would do better to finance awareness campaigns in the image and the use of the Internet. Especially young people, from the age of eight, who are victims of traps on the Web. We should teach them to be more cautious. I explain how to educate her child on this subject in my book: 3-6-9-12 tame screens and grow. Moment I put myself naked before my window and a paparazzi waits with a goal for taking me pictures, this person do disgusts me. It’s my fault. I had to not get all naked at the window. So on these stars, I want to say: too bad for them! In the case of the paparazzi, this is a work that pays. Why? Because there is a certain curiosity among the audience. But this curiosity is itself caused by the stars. They do everything to make the curious public. We all know that the stars are like politicians: their life stories are a tissue of lies. They orchestrate false leaks without stopping: controlled leakage. They filter out communications: this is only the construction. . For additional data on this matter check http://certeo1.chinakidsmart.com.

FDP: The temporary end of normality.

The life of a politician can be hard. On the Monday after the Landtag election in Saxony was the FDP Chairman Christian Lindner in the foyer of the Berlin party headquarters and said hard things, about the foreign policy of the coalition. How irresponsible it was that the Federal Government wanted to provide "lethal" weapons against the Kurds in the northern Iraq and how Very much lacks the foreign policy course of the grand coalition under Angela Merkel. Actually an ideal time for a Party Chairman to express something. It was one o’clock in the afternoon and in the Bundestag parliamentarians prepared just on the great debate in the afternoon about exactly that topic, Government statement of the Chancellor included. A year ago, such a statement of the FDP Chairman would have been a bomb. Except that at the time just hardly anyone cares, what says the FDP on foreign policy because she are not sitting in the Parliament, which discussed the arms and certainly not in the Government, which decides. Lindner so tried to establish a normalcy ruled the FDP, the FDP is Prime, the FDP is an important voice in German foreign policy, that there is No more. Previously he was on the actual event of these days speak came. His party was elected on Sunday in Saxony from the diet and thus lost the last government involvement in one of the 16 countries. From and over, with the Government’s first in any case. That we’re watching not only lost, but rather still apparatuses, ministries full professionals, groups full knowledge. In the half of all national parliaments the FDP is now No more: Bavaria, Berlin, Bremen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. On the elections in two weeks in Thuringia and Brandenburg they put in the Berlin party leadership currently not too great hopes. The way in which Lindner on Monday to vote in Saxony entered, showed that this has a completely different aspect, an intra-party. He was looking forward, that the Saxon candidate Holger Zastrow, with which he already got off the phone, still get the party. Yet that is not clear Which one point Zack in the future will participate in, but we need people like him in the FDP. Lindner handed Zastrow, the losers, the hand magnanimously. On Sunday evening, just after the closure of polling stations in Dresden and the first predictions of the television stations, was easy to see that the response to the defeat of the FDP in Saxony Lindner would require some tact. Compared with other party headquarters in Berlin, whose "Bewohner" had cut off far better than the FDP in Saxony, quite A lot was in the Thomas Dehler House Reinhard Street. The screens on which the different forecasts and later projections were presented, were A few dozen FDP members and friends of the party. Even a flesh former Federal Minister had mixed past in the person of Dirk Niebel on several television cameras among the people. A little, the mood in the party by the behavior of those present so settled quite read. . Inspirational facts can be found checking this http://certeo1.chinakidsmart.com.

Hayangue: the FN Mayor rejects any irregularities in his campaign accounts.

The Mayor FN of Hayange (Moselle), Fabien Engelmann, denied Monday any irregularities in his campaign accounts, rejecting accusations by his former Assistant first. It says that, at the request of Mr. Engelmann, it has paid personally about 3. 000 euros of invoices during the campaign of municipal, the sum which would not thus been included in the campaign account. The FN candidate asked this service pending of his loan, told AFP Marie Da Silva, confirming statements to Canal Plus. It’s pure libel. We are innocent. These bills do not exist, it is the Tin. Otherwise, she the way!, urged Mr. Engelmann Monday with AFP, indicating seized his lawyer Ms Da Silva explained that she had rendered at the end of week last to the National Commission on campaign accounts and of financements politiques (CNCCFP) to explain the situation and that it has filed complaint with the Prosecutor’s office of Metz. Contacted by AFP, the Prosecutor’s Office has not confirmed, and the Commission simply stated that the accounts of the Engelmann candidates had not yet been educated. Number 2 of the FN list in the election, Ms. Da Silva became first Deputy after the election, but the Mayor has withdrawn its delegations last week for incompatibility of reasoning – a decision that the municipal Council must endorse Wednesday. In particular, it ensures have personally supported the cost of printing of leaflets, or those of a reception for the arrival of Louis Aliot at a meeting of Mr. Engelmann, late November 2013. Impressions of leaflets? It is wrong! For the rest, are presented me an invoice for the Beaujolais nouveau, or I don’t know what? But we may very well pay a tour unless it fits in campaign accounts, protested the Mayor. I can ensure that it has no problem with the accounts. At times, we do a small advance? A permanence, each paid what fill the fridge, beer or coffee, admitted, however. The financial agent of Mr. Engelmann during the campaign, Patrice Philippot, for his part assured AFP have received at the time of the election, the invoices that Mr. Engelmann (had) presented. I have not received any other running mate Bill, he added. The candidate and the agent by the CNCCFP guide specifies that any expense incurred during a campaign should be resolved by the agent once it has been designated. Moreover, while several employees were part of a poisonous atmosphere at the Town Hall, the Executive Director of services, Elisabeth Lalesart, left his post recently. The woman told AFP that it was a party on its own initiative, but the Mayor assures that it is separated from it. Early August, controversy had opposed the municipality and the author of a sculpture, that the mayor had decided to repaint in blue without warning him. Finally the mayor had announced that he would move the sculpture, considered sinister, in a park. . Similar info can be found visiting http://certeo1.chinakidsmart.com.

Nigeria: Boko Haram continues its offensive in the Northeast.

The Islamist group Boko Haram continued Monday its offensive in northeastern Nigeria, attacking a town only 70 kilometres from Maiduguri, the regional capital. Islamist fighters launched an attack before dawn against the Nigerian Army to Bama, resulting in heavy fighting and the flight of residents, according to a security source and the inhabitants. BAMA is only 70 km by road Southeast of Maiduguri, regional metropolis of 1.5 million inhabitants (census 2006) and the capital of Borno State. Maiduguri is the historic cradle of Boko Haram. The sect was born in 2002 under the chairmanship of an influential preacher, Mohamed Yusuf. Its militants in had been driven in the spring of 2013 when the Nigerian army had declared a State of emergency and launched a major offensive against them. Bama, Islamist fighters in large numbers have arisen aboard trucks and pickup trucks and attacked soldiers who responded, told AFP a resident, Ibrahim Maigoro. Soldiers are fighting against the men of Boko Haram since 4 a.m. (03 H 00 GMT), said a security source on condition of anonymity. On his Twitter account, the Nigerian Army said Monday afternoon be trying to repel the attack, without being able to give balance of clashes. The fighting resulted in the flight of residents to Maiduguri. Almost everyone has fled the town, said Ibrahim Maigoro. Since April, the Boko Haram Islamist insurgents seems to have changed tactics, from guerrilla to a logic of conquest of territories, where they spread terror, according to the testimony of inhabitants. Recent weeks Boko Haram took control of several important localities, forming a semicircle from the East to the West of Maiduguri and controlling two of the four main roads that lead there. The insurgents have seized Gamboru Ngala, 140 km east of Maiduguri, border town on the road leading to Cameroon, conquered after several days of fighting this week. August, Islamist militants took control of Gwoza, located about 120 km from Maiduguri on the road that goes to the Southeast. The leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, said in a video place the city under the rule of the Islamic Caliphate. -Meeting on security Wednesday – last week, insurgents have expanded their control over 25 km of Road South of Gwoza, seizing Madagali. BAMA, attacked Monday, is about 50 kilometres north of Gwoza, on the road that leads to Maiduguri. Army however seems to have regained control of Damboa, 90 km from Maiduguri on the road that part to the Southwest, and who has a time been controlled by Boko Haram, according to the UN. Finally, the Islamist fighters seized there ten days of Buni Yadi, she also located southwest of Maiduguri but in the neighbouring State of Yobe, and which lies on the line of railway from Maiduguri in the centre of Nigeria. In addition to these cities, Boko Haram appears to control whole areas of Borno State neighbouring Cameroon. Establish a precise mapping of areas controlled by Boko Haram is however impossible, no more than check the rare information given by the army, because the region is placed under a State of emergency and communications are very disturbed. Most of the testimonials come from residents. Several Nigerian newspapers reported Monday of an imminent counter-offensive of the army in the Northeast. At Bama, the security source said that Boko Haram assault was obviously a pre-emptive strike against troops deployed in preparing a broad offensive to take back areas controlled by terrorists. The nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Wednesday in Abuja for a meeting devoted to security and the fight against Boko Haram following the Summit which was held in Paris in May. The heads of diplomacy of neighboring Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Benin are invited, as well as those of the United States, the France, the United Kingdom, China and Canada, according to the Department news release. The armed insurrection of Boko Haram since 2009 and its fierce repression by the Nigerian security forces, have made more than 10. 000 deaths and have been accompanied by countless atrocities against the civilian population. . Original source could be studied clicking the following site.

How have pictures of naked celebrities been hacked?

The specialized site The Next Web reported that a security flaw has been discovered in the service find my iPhone. Via a code malicious, it would be possible to retrieve the password associated with an iTunes account (used as well to the track for the iCloud storage function). If the hacker is passed by this fault, then he could target women leaders and thus recover their access. Once these information below the elbow, the hacker had more than to pass the celebrity from the Apple service and said he lost his password. A few questions ID later (the name of the dog, the city of residence,.), and it could set a new password of your choice. In sum, the files stored in iCloud as in a similar service are available everywhere and all the time. Must be wondering about what are stored and where it stores. To be prevented, should opt for a strong password. It is necessary that the password does responds to any recipe, make it more random possible, recalls Philippe Langlois. Define a sequence of characters mixing letters and digits, lowercase and uppercase, is a good thing. But above all, do not use the same password for different services. The National Commission of data processing and liberties (Cnil) recommends to use different passwords for all its services online (email, social network, bank account, etc.) as well as to change every three months on average. . Inspirational source can be read visiting the following http://certeo1.chinakidsmart.com.

Equality between girls and boys: what device?

Indeed, beyond a misunderstanding of the policy of the Government in this matter, it is a genuine protest movement that was born last January, orchestrated by Farida Belghoul (close to Alain Soral and Dieudonné) and who initiated the withdrawal of school days to demonstrate against the ABCD of equality program and the famous theory of the kind. Against all odds, the movement had a resounding success and the withdrawal of school days were followed one another: today, protesters are still being mobilized and the auto-intitulée autonomous Federation parents committed and courageous advocates on its site a day of withdrawal per month. The experimental device, presented as a prefigurateur program to see what were the best tools to advance and to promote a culture of equality between girls and boys, a culture of respect between the sexes, a culture of professional mix contained educational materials to address girls and boys education in all areas of education, in accordance with the school curriculum. For example, to provoke thinking among students on the role social and artistic women in the 19th century, or promote diversity in sport by integrating girls games traditionally reserved for boys. Today, the situation seems to be in half-shade: the appointment of Mrs Vallaud-Muheebinho national education thus subject to attacks emanating from the demonstration for all and his followers, criticizing the alleged non-objectivity of the Minister because of his commitment to equality when she was Minister of women’s rights. However, communication about the plan for the equality of girls and boys in school is not enough to cover the retreat of the Government in this area and the abandonment of the initial project facing the turmoil caused by the anti-gender, which prefer the school continues to tell their children that boys and girls are unequal. . Original data can be studied reading the following website.

Ciutadans includes talking to his activism on an alliance with UPyD.

#5 Rivera is ready, masking their initial traici to the n fusi and over remains of dialogue. The problem is that you come from a distance when passing the principles by the Arc de Triomphe when he smells any possibility to nima m: Libertas, parochial parties,. UPyD is a party governed by Basques, its principles are wrong or not defend stubborn way. CS of Catalan, its principles are the excuse to negotiate what is,. Personally, I’m not measuring with magnifying glass, microscope and telescope to see qui n is m s ego sta or qui n has m s fault that was no electoral alliance between UPyD and citizens. M s well, think we should bury the hatchet, isolate the quarrels and to value how much having com n UPyD and citizens. Many people who live in other regions of Spain, equals not sees it, with as much clarity, but those who live in regions governed by nationalists, and their pol ticas repressive with sistem ticos grips nuts, we realized, that the PP and PSOE are not true nationalism, if not, comparsa opposition and that for the sake of such tico pol a climate conducive to passing through do not deal with the nationalistsgive us a puntapi in the back to which we are opposed to obligatory nationalism. The real n nationalism opposition, is UPyD citizens. If both bands combined efforts and search for confluences, be translated in m s institutional presence and m s counterweight. . Related text can be inspected clicking link.

Government statement: Merkel warns of threat IS extremists.

The Bundestag to the weapon delivery confirm then formally in its special session, legally could act the Federal Government alone. To the approval of the Parliament, Merkel first by she described the atrocities of the extremists of IS in the Iraq: IS threatened with death, religious minorities, she said. The existence of the Yazidi faith was temporarily compromised. IS a religion abuse in a terrible way, to legitimize terror. With captured weapons and money, a Caliphate brace IS, which extends to the Mediterranean and including Jerusalem. In addition, also citizens of other countries in the extremist group fought traveled about 400 Germans in the region. These fighters could return and threaten the security of Germany. The ISIS terror can we not leave indifferent, urged Merkel. He must be stopped, that it has reached agreement in the EU and NATO.   The Kurdish Pesh fighters tried at great, to prevent the advance of the IS, she said. You did something that is in our interest. Germany was therefore willing to help with body armor and gas masks. And to a limited extent, the Government will provide vehicles, weapons and ammunition. It was holdings of the Federal Government. The Iraqi Government would agree. In the subsequent debate, link Bundestag Group Chairman Gregor Gysi responded directly to Merkel. He called it tasteless to discuss the world peace day on a weapons export. Gysi criticized the intervention of the West in the Iraq and the withdrawal of the United States have let the State system only collapse. He warned against upgrading the Kurds because they would leave the weapons later without a fight IS. He criticized the Turkey that will tolerate the influx of extremists in the conflict region. EU and NATO should deal with it himself.     . For more data about this subject check http://certeo1.chinakidsmart.com.

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