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Medicine without peace. «School places allocated incorrectly. “

If you want to make your cardiologist you are not forced to make the Otolaryngologist scholarship winners, while aspiring to become, for example, cardiologists, under the sword of Damocles cannot subscribe to any graduate school because i favored school places would be exhausted after the slidings, had agreed with a decision taken within a few hours to sign up for thatfor example, of Otolaryngology of a distant city hundreds of kilometers from the place of residence. Yet, after signing the contract had discovered that in fact the place in favorite school there was; There was also a university based a stone’s throw from the city and he had sought out those who had achieved a score more low than them. However, at that point, it wasn’t pi can go back. In fact, the notice of competition stipulated that choosing a school was laid low by all other schools to which they had contest: up to six (two for each of the three macro) of over 50 available specialties. The President Luciano Calveri Maximum, this decadence mocking seemed the result of violation of the rules dictated the June 30, 2014 to regulate the tests and accepting the appeal of an aspiring specialists in Oncology has suspended the measures which impose the forfeiture from other graduate schools in which the applicant itself could usefully fit in relation to the following points. And cos provided many doctors hope you can up drawing school and favorite seat and therefore did occur in many of their colleagues fear of losing them. . For extra insights regarding this matter read reference.

The debate on the new ‘Kenya gag law’ ends to blows in Parliament.

Kenyan members were dedicated to the little noble art of the exchange of blows, forcing to suspend the session which were called to discuss a new security law. Opposition members shouted, sang, and destroyed copies of the Bill, warning that Kenya was convirtienndose in a police state. During the incidents four deputies were attacked, and at least two were involved in a fight with his fists. As a result of the chaos unleashed, the speaker of the House was forced to postpone the debate for several hours. A hard law and controvertidaDesde than last week, the President of the country, Uhuru Kenyatta, to present to the National Assembly the new rule, criticisms of the opposition have not ceased. In the text of the law is expected to increase the time of detention of suspected terrorists for 90 to 360 days, creating military tribunals for police and censorship for journalists who report on terrorism. The new law is derided by the opposition of draconian, especially criticizing the National Intelligence Agency have powers to arrest and detain suspects of terrorism, as well as to intercept communications without a warrant. Likewise the law contemplates that the authorities can arrest and sentence to prison journalists by spreading news related to terrorism or organizing unauthorized protests. (With information from EFE) Topics for civil unrest Kenya judiciary world police Senate and Chamber of Deputies terrorism. Root source can be read visiting the following http://autopomoc.biz.

France team: the Blues finished in 7th place in the Fifa rankings.

The Blues must not sulk their pleasure. Through their journey managed during the World Cup to the Brazil, Deschamps men reappear in the Top 10 of the Fifa rankings and settled finally in 7th place.   For comparison, they had closed the year 2013 in 20th place, the worst ranking in its history (*). The lights found a place that they had already occupied in 2009, more in connection with their standing. Unsurprisingly, the ranking is dominated by the Germany who won the world title in the Brazil and the dauphin of the Mannschaft, the Argentina. The surprising Colombia of James and Falcao completed the podium. Since the inception of the Fifa ranking in 1993. The Spain who looked at the top usually advanced to 9th place. The world champion Germany remains before the Argentina and the Colombia. (*) Fifa ranking was introduced in 1993. December Fifa ranking 20141. Germany2. Argentina3. Colombie4. Programme5. Netherlands6. Bresil7. France8. Portugal9. Espagne10. Uruguay > stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. For additional information about this subject read info.

Italian actress Virna Lisi is dead.

Italian actress Virna Lisi, won awards at Cannes for his role in La Reine Margot-Patrice Chéreau, died at the age of 78, announced Thursday the Italian Agency Ansa citing his son. Blonde beauty born in Ancona (centre) in 1936, Virna Peralisi, of his real name, shot dozens of films in Italy, in France, but in Hollywood, and given reply to the greatest actors of his generation, by Alain Delon in Richard Burton passing by Marcello Mastroianni. She began her career very young, at age 17 in 1953, but will have to wait until 1994 to reach the consecration receiving Cannes palme for best actress for her role as Catherine de Medici in La Reine Margot. His last film appearance dates back to 2002 in the film the most beautiful day of my life, shot by the daughter of Luigi Comencini, Cristina. However she continued her television career, turning in several Italian series. His filmography also includes the leading female role in how to kill your wife, with Jack Lemmon, filmed in 1965 by Richard Quine. . Root data may be found checking the following http://autopomoc.biz.

Case Lepaon: the CGT fall to the professional elections.

Because at the time where the controversy has swollen, employees and officials were asked to vote for their representatives of staff in the public service, to the position, but also at the RATP and Orange. Each time, the CGT remained in mind, but his lead has dramatically melted. On Tuesday, the verdict was in public service, his stronghold, and it is hardly gleaming. The CGT has 23.1% of the votes, but the gap with the second, the CFDT, is shrinking considerably. While the syndicate led by Laurent Berger is stable, the Central lost 2.3 points from the vote in 2011.  Above all, the CGT fall everywhere. In the public service of State, it lost 2.4 points (13.4%). It keeps the first place in the territorial and the hospital but lost every time feathers. In the first, it lost 3.5 points (29.5%). At the hospital, it limits the breaks with 1.5 points less (32.1%).   Four days ago, the results have fallen into mail or 230 000 postal workers were called to vote. There again, the CGT (26.54%, 2.79 points) has been catching up by the CFDT, which records a spectacular increase (22.51%, + 4.37 points). End of November, Central was able to retain its first place at the RATP. And even if it retains a comfortable lead on the second, the UNSA (22.1%), its electorate is crumbling dangerously (30.4%, 3.5 points). At Orange, she lost the first worst place in Orange, she lost 10 days earlier his first place for the benefit of,. The CFDT. A first in the history of France Telecom.  With 24.12% of the vote (+ 2.27 points), this last won the top hand. For its part, the CGT, heavily stumbles (19.56%,-3,18 points). But in reality, the erosion began before the sensational revelations in the press. As noted with the AFP Bernard Vivier, the higher Institute of labour (IST), the decline of the Organization "is not due to Thierry Lepaon alone.  The central fact for too long of on-site, she pays at the moment, it is not modernised internally and has not renewed its mode of operation. "Moreover, at SNCF, the CGT did not wait for these cases to get a score in halftone. In March, she received «that» 35.64% of the vote. Admittedly, largely to the UNSA (22.98%). Except that here again, she declined (-1,69 point).   . Additional information can be found reading link.

Is China the world’s leading economic power?

The studies relied on by this observation take into account relative purchasing power of populations. In other words, rather than to simply compare the country’s overall GDP (which measures the total wealth produced), or GDP per capita, on pr f re think in terms of parit purchasing power. Each country has a habit of consumption diff annuities, and therefore the co ts production and various for yet identical goods prices. It r sulte as wages lag, a country the other purchasing power is far from comparable tre. To work around this welcoming therefore on basis of investigations your consumption large scale bearing a basket of about 3000 goods and services, which serves as an indicator to the IMF and allows to establish reliable comparisons of countries. Major investigations your based this ranking on which take place every five or ten years. The last dated back 2011 and we expect the transfer of power for some time d j. In 2000, China was m me not in these investigations tes. It merely then just extrapolate Chinese purchasing power starting from that of the neighbouring countries. In 2005, the study focused on large cities Chinese o price performed levels are notoriously more lev s than in the rest of the country. The results were therefore somewhat bias s r. In 2011, the Chinese part of the investigations you was of better quality and in this time prices have tended be lower. S D spring, d because of the United States by China comments has to emerge. Since 2008 and the global crisis which has sanjeeb global economy, China chang strat gie turned more to his home march. There assist from this point of view a normalization of the economy Chinese. The cons first frequency, is that local wages have increased and this is particularly today explaining the new row with the Chinese. The trend makes sense and everything indicates that it will continue. These rankings do refl tent not v rit absolute. There are many other indicators look to establish a hi hierarchy of powers economic which makes sense. But it is very important to y pr attention because it is one that allows to establish the best comparisons. Other indicators confirm this trend. In terms of GDP overall, China has d j op r a big catch-up since it will establish a little high above 10 trillion in 2014. 57% of that of the United States, earned for this year about 17 500 billion dollars. Taking into account its weight d population (more than one billion inhabitants), the path will be longer to catch up with the other major powers in terms of GDP per capita, but it is estimated that by 2030 the Chinese situation will be very comparable to its main competitors. � . Extended facts can be read clicking http://autopomoc.biz.

President Obama programmer.

Barack Obama and David Cameron have ventured in first person and Matteo Renzi is also endeavouring to disseminate the culture of teaching programming at an early age. But there is a fact that explains the importance more than any communication campaign supported by famous faces: in Italy are 20,000 vacancies job vacancies because of a lack of technological skills. In 84mila and 2016 will be in 2020 could touch 176mila share. It is therefore not just a question of training and the need for smaller, to familiarize yourself with devices that scan up through their lives of teenagers and adults but one of the few clear questions of a labour market still looking for a new identity. Serve professionals who can design, create, write code, build and ride the wave, for example, in the sector of mobile applications over the next three years should generate a global turnover of 77 billion dollars. Obama last they became the bearer of the message by inviting American students to not buy video games or download app, but to make them and draw them with his own hands. Yesterday it took literally the face and has learned to write few lines of code with JavaScript. Nothing complicated, basically has designed a square on one screen, as reported by an enthusiastic American press as the "first President ever wrote a computer program". The context is the same as the speech by late 2013: Computer Education Week, from 8 to 14 December, in this case, promoted by the non-profit Code. org. Within the Hour campaign initiative of Code to demonstrate precisely that computer programming is within everyone’s reach and must become a school subject in the classroom. Last year participated in the free lessons 40 million people worldwide. In addition to Obama, to give an important contribution these days was the British Prime Minister Cameron, who took part in the initiative and announced the opening of a school for digital skills in London in 2015 and a training programme for 17. 500 teachers of mathematics and science. The plan is also good school of Renzi is riddled by digital and contains the proposal for inclusion of programming time in local classrooms. The Ministry of education, right on the heels of Hour of Code, started in October, coinciding with the European week of the code, to provide interested institutes a series of lessons that have already 22mila students took part in the project the future Programme. According to the English version of the site Code. org, from September participated in the code now, which is not limited to classrooms, Italian 77mila. The lessons are also available online, while Thursday, December 11 you can bring in one of the Apple stores to participate in courses organised by Code. org (this site to subscribe). . Additional info can be found visiting http://autopomoc.biz.

Mosques, many yards but only 4 places of prayer for a million and 600 thousand Muslims.

-A nation of believers without churches. Are Muslims of Italy: more than one million and 600 thousand believers, only four official mosques. And in between, many worksites still open at the center of controversy. Is the map of mosques of discord: all stationary, from Milan to Florence, waiting for the go-ahead. How many are now Muslims of Italy? Thanks to statistical dossier Unar-2014 Idos have their number: 628mila, 1 million and is constantly increasing. Mostly originating in Africa (52.2 percent), followed by Europe (32.6%) and Asia (15.2 percent). The problem is the absence of a law on religious freedom and the lack of an agreement with islam. From here a number of difficulties, starting from the opening of places of worship. The result? The proliferation of informal prayer halls. According to the Census of the Police Directorate of prevention of May 2010, in Italy there are 222 164 mosques and places of worship. But it obviously improvised spaces: industrial warehouses, gyms, shops, garage. Today in Italy there are only 4 official mosques, in the sense of buildings made ad hoc, complete with minaret: Ravenna, Rome, Colle Val D’elsa, Segrate Milano. Made recently are those of Colle Val D’elsa and Ravenna, both made a mosque-says the President of Ucoii, (Union of Islamic communities), Izzedin Elzir-while two other newly opened by us, and Catania, Lecce are just translated and adapted spaces. Then there is via Meda mosque in Milan. This is also a structure without minaret-tells Yahya Pallavicini, Vice President of Coreis (Islamic religious Community)-but does have an official recognition because we demanded the permission as a place of worship, which requires a specific planning process, while all the other hundreds of prayer halls in Italy pass only as cultural centers. . Those who make the news are the mosques of discord: open sites or projects on paper, opposed by municipalities or political parties, leading League. The most discussed-continues-are Milan Elzir, Genoa, Pisa, Città di Castello, Bologna, where the opening had been delayed and Florence, where we are dealing again with the municipality. Not only. Even in Piacenza-adds Pallavicini-there is a very controversial case. The truth is that all projects, especially in small provinces, are conflicting. To blame? The ingenuity of some Islamic communities and especially the firm opposition of right-wing political forces. Hence the spread of irregular spaces, where it is less guaranteed security. The problem is the lack of a central interlocutor of islam to deal with the Italian State. And so does not prohibit, but neither is officially authorized, closes one eye and you rely on DIY. Each community so organized as you can. It is an ongoing attempt to find the most noteworthy sites where pray-supports Pallavicini-Turks, for example, are among the most organized, strong especially in Reggio Emilia, Como and Imperia. In Brescia the Pakistanis have of fine mosques. The Moroccans are trying to join nationwide on religious matters. Senegal, on the other hand, while being more observant among Muslims, seem invisible, closed to pray in their apartments. The Ucoii claims that an official mosque, recognizable is safer and more transparent than an informal. Prevent the opening threatens to fuel the fundamentalism. It is no coincidence, says Izzedin-if the jihadists from Italy parties to fight alongside the Isis, according to police sources, had never passed from our mosques. As regards the funding of the new construction, coming by the faithful and from foreign countries, but without conditionings. . Related facts can be read visiting website.

Tartaglia wants to become Santa Claus. In 2009 hit Berlusconi with the statuette.

In many recent years if you have been wondering: what has become of Massimo Tartaglia, the man who in 2009 launched a miniature Duomo injuring the then premier Silvio Berlusconi? In recent months, with worsening of uveitis of the former Knight, rushed to the San Raffaele in Milan again for pain in the left eye, cracked after the evening of 5 years ago the unbalanced the hurled in full do metal statuette. So Tartaglia was photographed in recent days while attending a casting to work as Santa Claus in a big Mall just a few kilometres from Milan. The photos were published by the weekly Today. In fact, none of the bystanders recognized candidate in a Santa Claus of the Gallery of Sudbury Borromea man that hurt December 13, 2009 Berlusconi. Later T.g., tried with abbreviated rite, was acquitted by the Milan gup because recognized incapable of understanding and will when done. When asked who he wanted to have lunch in the role of Santa Claus, Tartaglia replied to today: "if I were Santa Claus, I guess I should have lunch with la Befana, wrong?". But I wouldn’t want to have dinner with an actress or even with a politician? "Well, maybe it’s better politicians that let them lose ,.", For extended about this topic check info.

Free Serge Lazarevic hostage after three years of captivity “very trying”.

  Recently, this man of fifty years, dual French and Serbian nationality, had appeared in a video, alive but in poor health visibly. According to the communiqué issued by the Elysee on Tuesday, the former hostage "is in relatively good health, despite very harsh conditions of his long captivity." Sick but this last proof of life, aired November 17 by his captors, was indeed not reassuring so far. Serge Lazarevic stated indeed have "harm to the kidneys" and "suffer hypertension and asthma.  After the release of this video, the daughter of hostage expressed "very shocked" to see his father, 1.98 m colossus, if weakened. Diane Lazarevic had asked the French authorities to "double bites" so, hope t – it, a ‘release for Christmas. Rare News November 6, the head of State had mentioned during the show "François Holland to the French" on TF1, the fate of now former hostage stating: "we have no news that would think that he would have been assassinated. So, we have evidence that suggests that he is alive. Problem, this evidence were not "recent". Throughout his captivity, news was rare. Last June, while his family had no news of him for more than two years, Serge Lazarevic had appeared in another video broadcast by Dubai-based Al – Aan,. Diane, the daughter of Serge Lazarevic, entrusted in our columns last year, waiting and his daily ordeal: "I am tired, tired,," The truth is that I am, I’m out. I spend my time glued to the Internet, this thread which I am suspended makes me mad. There are times where I’m euphoric, where I see myself on the tarmac, where I see him get off the plane. And others where I think that it will end badly. "Philippe Verdon, his companion in captivity, it did not have the same chance. The latter was found murdered with a bullet in the head in July 2013. AQIM had you run it in retaliation for the French military intervention in Mali. VIDEO. Holland: Serge Lazarevic, last of the french hostages, "is free" VIDEO. Holland: "the France has more hostages". Root facts could be studied clicking the following http://autopomoc.biz.

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