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That is what the sarkozyism?

A complete and precise all these aspects study is obviously beyond the scope of this article, but it may be useful to consider some features of this current of the contemporary right. First of all, there is more and more difficulty in getting the political "ISMS" into the classification developed by René Rémond. Gaullism was already problem to the author. The temptation to associate sarkozyism and bonapartism as is often done in connection with the cult of personality probably somewhat mitigates the very personal characteristic of the presidential election in the Fifth Republic, which plays a decisive role in this identification process. Moreover, the cult of the leader is not the prerogative of the bonapartism, as it is also the fact of populism from the General Baker up to Jean-Marie Le Pen. And maybe the way Sarkozy to address the political issue is more populist than Bonapartist,. First, a certain opportunism emerges quite clearly from the sarkozyist approach. This term should not be understood only in its negative aspect, because it can also be a capacity to seize opportunities when they arise. But it characterized especially a tendency to grab the headlines, or even the facts into political action. This has the disadvantage of closing the door to long term, to a more global vision strategies and further reflection. More pragmatic politics sarkozyist is mostly prosaic. Let us remember that at the beginning of the quinquennium, the ‘enforceable housing right’, widely publicized social measure, was born of occupation of the canal Saint-Martin by dozens of tents under the leadership of the association "Les enfants de Don Quichotte". The contract of work unique, since past the door, responded to the crisis of the CPE. Bio-fuels, to the emergence of a figure of political ecology: Nicolas Hulot. In 2012, were also in his proposals for campaign news topics: tax exile, the penal code for minors, pensioners, and the balance of public accounts, the latter did not leave the limelight since. It is clear that we are far from the Gaullist doctrine evoked Guy Sabatier where Gaullism was defined as "born of a Mystic of the France and a vision of the future of the world. "The other face of the populism of Nicolas Sarkozy finds himself in his direct report to the people, by the first communication, but also by the distrust shown towards the intermediate body. The Ilan Caro journalist, about the intermediate body, pointed out in an article that: "for Montesquieu, they were the guarantors of freedom against the monarchy. For Nicolas Sarkozy, they do "screen between the people and the Government". "Indeed, in his first speech as candidate in Annecy in February 2012 Nicolas Sarkozy spoke thus: ‘the unions, parties, pressure groups, experts, commentators, everyone wants to talk about people’s square without ever worrying about what the people want, what he thinks and what he decides. As if the people were not smart enough, not quite reasonable. "Today, its way to show the necessity of the referendum (already present in 2012, particularly with regard to the unemployment allowance) testifies also this populist glibness, evacuating the intermediate body to speak directly to the people, or the popular electorate,. It may be interesting to note in this regard that Michel Winock, in the analysis it develops the "return of national-populism", in 1987, place the report in the referendum list. Policy, pourrait say Nicolas Sarkozy, is ‘the people and me ‘. Jean-Marie Le Pen, and the according tradition, fits pretty well in this line. This perhaps allows us to see one of the reasons that make the sarkozyism one best walls right at the lepenisme: do they not participate, to a certain extent, a common fuel? The form of populism sarkozyist also includes a report specific to the institutions, including the presidential function. The renew, the closer of the people, has been one of the companies of sarkozyism. On one side, it failed miserably, on the other, it succeeded beyond what was expected. Especially, president bling – bling who refused to apologize for having chosen as "monastic retreat" the yacht of a billionaire was regret at the french presidential solemnity to which they were attached. On the other hand, the exercise of reconciliation of the people and the President, by the reduction of the Prime Minister to the rank of collaborator by the over-involvement of the Elysee in the practical management of the problems of the nation that it has named «hyperpresidence», has admirably succeeded. Now, the Prime Minister can no longer be regarded as a bulwark for the President. In the event of fault, it is even excused, because only collaborator. Thus, when Manuel Valls delivers the resignation of his Government after only a few weeks, it is not him who is put in issue, but directly the President of the Republic, whose resignation is even required by any part of the political class and legitimized by some observers. The desacralization of the presidential function, and somehow his "de-legitimization" reached into the intellectual layers of civil society. Sarkozyism is actually much more that what has been outlined here. It should be further explored his report to the economic and judicial spheres two pillars of its domestic policy. It should also analyse its Atlanticist diplomacy reports and his desire to interference. Finally, another important aspect on which it would have been interesting to look more is the report that he interview with coercion, with the force. Simone Weil entitled the text that she devoted to the Iliad, the poem of force. Perhaps all politics isn’t a poem of force, realistic or symbolic, periods and to men? Concerning the sarkozyism, believed to often hear Mount of national representation, the echo of this coercion. What is really? It is also believed to perceive, in its deceptively quiet communication, the importance of the balance of power in politics. This aspect is particularly appreciated by the electorate’s right, both cessation reform successive Governments faced with popular discontent is a subject of exasperation. But this report is really productive? And above all, what is in this axis the right want to inscribe their action now? You should visit the following http://staples1.mrnrc2010.com to learn extra on this interesting topic.

Tfr, all against Matteo Renzi Squinzi sounds the charge from Naples.

Matteo Renzi is shipped. So much so that now there is also the blessing of the President Inps in pectore Treuen, fresh from appointment. From the first paycheck arrives in January, according to the Government’s intentions, the severance pay that every month the company accrue to employees. Doing two calculations, will end up in the pockets of workers about 100 euros more for an average of 1300 pay that if large companies does not represent a problem for small businesses, those with fewer than 50 employees, are suffering. It is an option that not only infuriates the Cgil, but that is definitely shaking her wrists to the thousands of business owners around the territory. As Confindustria and, in particular, the small industry of Viale dell’astronomia are on a war footing. The reason? The very idea of divest Tfr, intended for the time being to tight cash requirements, small businesses, who must deal with a firm domestic market for too long and that they also suffer from a lack of liquidity for the stagnant rarefattasi credit crunch, tremble. Behold then Viale dell’astronomia will take the opportunity offered by the two days of the meeting of the small industry scheduled to be Friday in Naples (Innovate is undertaking is the XIV Forum of small) to get loud and clear its message to duo Renzi-Padoan. The Tfr does not touch you unless you want to accelerate the mass deaths of Italian firms, said from the stage of President Alberto Baban, Venetian entrepreneur succeeded late 2013 to Francesco Boccia, remained however in the team of Giorgio Squinzi with delegation to credit. Issue on which your businesses, as evidenced by the agitation created by severance pay, are very sensitive. In short, there is already the credit crisis, highlighting businesses and, while waiting for a recovery in the orders, a new burden might be fatal to dampen that little demonstrative effect on GDP. . Main source may be studied visiting the following http://staples1.mrnrc2010.com.

New Microsoft operating system: Windows 10 – just a dressed-up Windows 7.

The decision may be understandable from an economic perspective. Mainly corporate customers, Microsoft used to generate big sales, Ed before switching over to Windows 8. To show that you had learned, Microsoft man could not emphasize enough Myerson at the event, as familiar, so familiar that the whole working environment in Windows 10 now. Familiar Instead of surprise – that can help in the short term, in the long term but paralyze. Especially in an industry that is evolving so quickly. So miserable, the implementation of Windows is 8 in some points, it was nevertheless a brave attempt to change the habits and combine the software of tablets and desktop computers. Instead of filing in the implementation and skillfully to combine, both levels, Microsoft now is the turnaround. Windows 10 is the best Windows 7 of ever. But at first glance you can not even see what decade the software actually originated. It looks as if Microsoft lost the joy in experimenting. . For extended data on this matter read source.

.1 .2 million Italy sees pirate movies every day. Harsh life for Agcom.

Six months have passed since the entry into force of regulation Agcom online copyright and first time budgets. From the legal point of view to bounce the question back to the Chronicles, in addition to the occurrence was the Tar of Lazio’s response to two complaints of consumer groups who believe the regulation that infringes freedom of expression on the net. The Court upheld the legality of the rule which allows the Agcom to force deletion of content or the darkening of adult portals. But it has also called into question the Constitutional Court to clarify if legislative decrees 70/44 and 2003/2010 intervention modalities on which is based the regulation may or may not be compatible with the Constitution. Satisfaction, therefore, both by Agcom and Confindustria Italy Culture, which protects the interests of the holders of rights, both on the part of associations, return to the Office with the request to a "more harmonious and equitable reform." To put a little ‘ pepper was in the last hours the Commissioner Antonio Nicita Agcom on Twitter: "we need a pause for reflection after the ruling of the Tar," she twittered by opening a window into de facto to the guarantor. This happens in the courts, whereas the data made available by the Agcom tell a semester in which the most active sector was to shoot, with 42% of the reports, while film, television and music, the most abused scopes from piracy, contribute 38% of the pie. Everything else, from video games to books via the software and newspapers, is under 10%. The proportions are still extremely contained: 180 reports received about the Agcom has opened 108 cases, out of which 39% has fixed with the removal of content from those housed and 18% led to darkening of the portal (the rest between check-ins and preliminary analysis). The first percentage reassures those who worried for too narrow reaction time imposed by regulation to the alleged offender, while the second is defined by Defender Fulvio Sarzana associations "ridiculous" for the purpose of combating piracy. "The judiciary," says the lawyer, "closes 40 portals in one fell swoop. Such numbers prove that the instrument is not effective. " It must be said that the same judicial interventions are useful up to a point because the sites used by users to find content on pirate streaming soon reappear with a different address: this is the case of seizure of Cineblog, again placed by the Prosecutor of Rome after the intervention of last March and similar precedents. To put the focus on the results obtained by the sponsor is the President of the Federation of the Italian music industry Enzo Mazza, in possession of data demonstrating how "pirate sites had cali hits on average by 90% while the sites blocked by Agcom had cali mean 35/40%". The bounce phenomenon on new sources that sprout like mushrooms and are promoted through social networks or appear even more trivially, among the search engine results is confirmed by the million and only 240 thousand Italians who see movies illegally every day. A given (National Association industrie cinematografiche audiovisive) strong growth, +55.4% from 2013 to 2014, and above all, 100,000, 1 million and accomplish the same task in accordance with the law on all available payment platforms. It is cinema, pay tv or downloading or streaming online psychics. The key is this: while piracy is the Devil’s temptation and cinema and television are losing ground in favour of the legal offer streaming over the Internet is still a speech for a few. According to Anica si parla di 202mila italiani per day, but the main players in the sector, with Sky and Mediaset SkyOnline with Infinity, not sbottonano on the results obtained during the first few months of activity. The same search of cinema Association did a comparison with last year for lack of references. If the entry in field of Sky and Mediaset, with very aggressive commercial offers among other things, and the presence of local products such as Chili bode well don’t forget the weight of absence of Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. The streaming subscription-based giant, which next year will begin to transmit at the same time as cinemas, has just finished disembarking in 6 European countries, including France and Germany, and continues to ignore us for politely known connectivity issues. The real fight piracy starts from here. Otherwise the ball is also in the hands of the Constitutional Court. . Similar text can be found checking reference.

The master-class of Tobe Hooper.

It is a sublime nightmare, one of the most electrifying masterpieces of American cinema of the seventies. Many are those who, among admirers of Massacre chainsaw, have attended it through the veil of spun dry VHS tapes or in of too dull copies DVD. Enamel work of restoration, the grimy splendor of Massacre to the saw and Leatherface furibard cabri races (one of the most beautiful and abstract figures trouble we had been given out on a screen) are finally to review classroom (October 29) and video (early December at TF1 Video), forty years after settlingin a sumptuous copy, for the measurement of plastic inventiveness and the shaggy radicality of the film by Tobe Hooper. But what could hold the strident irruption in our imaginations of such a film? Invited to give a master-class in the last edition, in early September, the European Festival of fantastic film festival of Strasbourg, Tobe Hooper, has talked an hour and a half with the historian and critic Jean-Baptiste Thoret (author of outstanding essays on Massacre to the chain saw or the American cinema of the new Hollywood). An exciting encounter, which we are pleased to offer you the video recording in three parts, exclusively on release. Fr. Tobe Hooper, who have grown up in cinemas which were "as [his] babysitter", thus explains what led him to embark on such a project, whose filming was subsequently a hell almost to the extent of the horror described by the film: "as far as I can remember, I always wanted to become Director – and.even though I hate this word, a Hollywood Director. Then had to I do me out, and because I had available equipment and some investors, it’s bringing me to the horror film: no stars, no need for big budget needed, it simply had to be shocking, outrageous. » . You should visit this http://staples1.mrnrc2010.com to learn more on this great topic.

Kidnappers of Hervé Giordano identified according to Algiers.

The kidnappers of french hostages Herve Giordano beheaded in Algeria have been identified, announced today the Algerian Minister of Justice Tayeb Louh. The first elements of the investigation helped to identify some of the members of the terrorist group perpetrators of this crime, he said on public television. This guide of high mountain of 55 years, had been kidnapped on September 21 at a 100 km east of Algiers by the Group Jund al-Khilafa, which then decapitated it in retaliation for the commitment of the France in the air raids against the Islamic State in Iraq. The investigation into the kidnapping and killing of Hervé Giordano was entrusted Sunday to a judge of a court in Algiers specializing in cases of terrorism and organized crime, said Mr. Louh. Prosecutors requested arrest warrants against the identified kidnappers and a commission to determine the location from which was posted on the video (of execution) on the canvas, the Minister said. Justice also ordered a commission to identify the other members of the Group of kidnapping and the murder of the french tourists, he added. The France had rejected the ultimatum of the Algerian johadiste Group had threatened in a video to kill Hervé Giordano within 24 hours if the French strikes against the EIS did not cease. . Inspirational facts may be read checking the following http://staples1.mrnrc2010.com.

Censis: the crisis hits even counterfeit products. Price drop of 18%.

The crisis also affects the illegal sector: counterfeit product prices in five years decreased 18%. Are the data of a study carried out by Censis and Ministry of economic development that it has detected a drop in turnover compared to 2010 for all sectors of the fake, except for medicines. A decline that is not attributable to a reduction of illegal activities or purchases, but the decline in the average price of the products which in five years has fallen from 10.7 to 13 euros to approach the economic possibilities of the Italians. According to Censis survey, 46% of the economic actors concerned (Chambers of Commerce, business associations and category) declares that buying fake goods is a growing habit among consumers, in particular with reference to clothing, and an additional 32% the phenomenon is stable. The 46%, then, says that its territory is produced false goods. Counterfeiting is a more favourable context in the territories are characterized by a high presence of illegal activities to the detriment of undertakings: the 60% of the presence of irregular firms in your area, 52% reported the phenomena of exploitation of the work and the 51% of immigration. Even 21% signals the presence of enterprises directly managed by organized crime (and the percentage goes up to 43% in the South). . For more data regarding this matter check http://staples1.mrnrc2010.com.

Greece: start of the talks in Athens with the troika.

Senior representatives of the EU-ECB-IMF troika that controls accounts and the reforms of the Greece began Tuesday in Athens a series of discussions with the Government focused on the review of the 2015 budget, learned from concordant sources. These interviews are part of the fifth audit which submits the Greece since she received in February 2012 a second program of international loans to avoid bankruptcy. Finance Minister Guikas Hardouvelis opened Tuesday noon ball encounters with creditors. As early as the day before, he had been optimistic at the end of an interview with the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. We are serious, very well prepared and it is thus that we will move forward, he said. Everything will go very well, he predicted. Athens and the representatives of the three creditor institutions of the country started this early September audit in Paris during preparatory meetings but the bulk of the work will take place during two phases of assessment in Athens. In the first phase, the troika will focus on the 2015 budget of the Greece that a draft should be presented to Parliament next Monday. The Greece and its creditors differ on the amount of the budget to cover hole. The Government wants to convince that his project to make slight decreases of taxes after four years of continuous increases clearly not accounts. A project of the Greek Government’s settlement of the question of bad debts, which suffocate the banks balance sheet, must also be considered. Significant advances are required in these two areas before the full audit of the Greek accounts can begin in the fall, had indicated last week the IMF spokesman Gerry Rice. The troika will stay in Athens until October 8 or 9, said a source at the Ministry of finance, told AFP before returning before the end of the month to discuss subjects qualified heavy by the same source: labour law reform, easing of labour law, reform of the system of social insurance including. If the troika visits have become four years a ritual of political and economic life Greek, inspection beginning has a particular character because they could be the last of this nature: payment of loans from the European Union to be completed end of 2014 and the Greece has made known his desire to emancipate themselves from financial support from the IMF that runs until the spring of 2016. Total 240 billion of EU – IMF loans have been set aside for the Greece, through two planes of rescue, under condition of a drastic austerity and a catalog bushy structural reforms including implementation continues. . You should check the following http://staples1.mrnrc2010.com to read more about this interesting matter.

Police, first Yes to electric gun.

Green light on an experimental basis by the police to Taser electric gun. It is an amendment by Gregorio Fontana (Fi) the Decree approved stadiums by Justice and Constitutional Affairs Committees of the House. The word now passes the House. The taser is data supplied to many police forces in the world (in United States) but are often criticised in that tie up the subject thanks to an electric shock. The measure has raised protests from the M5S. «A chance to experience the electric Taser gun, is a need so much urgent and necessary to be inserted into a decree-law ‘?, have asked the five Stars about to dl stage amendment authorizing the testing of electric gun. «What will cost these "toy guns" do not know while our amendments to unlock the top salaries of law enforcement have not been declared admissible. This-conclude MEPs M5s-is the priority of the Government and majority: Tasers instead of the payroll release and health protection of the police. We, instead, tomorrow we meet the police ". . Similar facts can be found visiting http://staples1.mrnrc2010.com.

India: upcoming invited officials clean their Office Thursday, holiday.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked officials from coming to work Thursday, holiday celebrating the birthday of Gandhi, to clean their rooms, including the bathroom. This decision is part of a national movement launched by Modi to the India cleaner, which should see the Prime Minister move the brush in one of the streets of New Delhi, the Indian capital notoriously dirty. This initiative upset some officials who feel compelled to go to work on the first day of a long holiday weekend, despite the theoretically voluntary nature of the approach. MODI bumped into the functioning of the Indian bureaucracy since his coming to power in may, forcing officials to be in the office at 9:00 and arriving frequently unannounced to visit the departmental offices. We have already increased our work time and work later (since the arrival of Modi). Now it seeks to move from broom, railed one of them. My children are unhappy to see me go to the office even a public holiday, added on condition of anonymity. But another official positively welcomed this approach, believing that it is an important step of the India out of its caste system that leaves the lower castes cleaning tasks. It is an unprecedented public health movement, this senior official of the Ministry of energy told AFP. Move the broom is a symbol. This shows that there’s no silly business and that each of us must feel responsible for the cleaning of its waste. The approach aims in particular to restore luster to local departmental, often strewn of waste, sometimes smelling urine and whose walls can be stained sputum. Of full pages of the dailies of the capital invited Tuesday the citizens to participate Thursday in this great movement of cleaning. The hero of independence, Gandhi had at heart the respect of hygiene and cleanliness, and cleaned himself his toilet at a time where there was no flush. In the same spirit, Modi announced strong symbolic measures on 15 August, promising all Indians access to toilets within four years. According to UNICEF, nearly 594 million Indians, or poops out half of the population, and the situation is alarming in the poorer countryside. . You should visit this http://staples1.mrnrc2010.com to learn more on this amazing subject.

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