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Bill Cosby accused of rape.

Born July 12, 1937 to an often absent alcoholic father and an overworked mother, Bill Cosby became especially known as the sympathetic father of the hit "Cosby show" TV series (1984-1992), born thirty years ago on NBC.  The series showcases a family black and wealthy of Brooklyn in New York City, where he played the role of a gynecologist, Heathcliff Huxtable. But its smooth image of famous American television actor is now tarnished by accusations of rape and sexual assault, dating back several years. Barbara Bowman accused him of sexual assault when she was a teenager in 1985. According to the American press, 13 women accuse him of similar facts and offer to testify against him. Sunday, one of Joan Tarshis accused him of having drugged and raped in 1969. Few of them have however complained at the time, perhaps intimidated by the aura of the character. "I have not called the police because I had only 19 years old at the time. I was scared and I thought that nobody would believe me. (. . . ) (Bill Cosby) was Mr America’, said Wednesday on CNN Ms Tarshis. The refusal of Bill Cosby to speak about the case Saturday on public radio NPR even more scandal. His lawyer John P. Schmitt said that his client would not react to ‘old allegations baseless. Bill Cosby "introduced the idea that a black actor had no need to do comedy on the racial issue or political commentary to succeed. And people have criticized him for that,"says journalist Mark Whitaker author of a biography"Cosby"(Simon and Schuster, September 2014). The actor is also considered to be "one of the greatest lawyers of black morality", says journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Atlantic magazine.  Bill Cosby is part of black currents ‘conservative, without for as much rocking illusions about the past of America’, says Coates. "They think that this country is racist, probably irreparably, but argue that individual effort can (the) defeat. The actor so was highly criticized after a 2004 speech in which he accused the black parents of being too lenient with their children. . Main data could be found checking the following info.

Jerusalem synagogue attack.

It is an attack that shakes not only Israel but the entire world. For a number of reasons. Why is the latest in a long series of terrorist attacks carried out in Jerusalem in the past three months. For the brutal manner in which it was made. And finally, because it is the first time you hit a synagogue. Yesterday morning, at about seven, two men armed with axes, knives and firearms stormed the Kehilat Yaakov synagogue in the ultraortodosso suburb of Har Nof, on the Western outskirts of Jerusalem, killing four rabbis (three also had us citizenship and one British) and injuring seven other people, including two seriously. One of these-a policeman-died in the evening, bringing to five the murdered. The authors of the attack, killed by the security forces, are Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal, two cousins living in an Arab neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Hamas has claimed responsibility for the attack as the motivating power of retaliation on the Esplanade of the mosques but also to the murder-suicide, according to the Israeli police-of a Palestinian bus driver. However, it is not clear whether the two terrorists were members of the Hamas or commandos acted as Lone Wolves. Outraged by the celebrations in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has immediately pointed the finger at Hamas but has attributed the responsibility to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) to an attack considered "a direct consequence of their incitement." "We are at the apex of a continuing terrorist attacks focused on Jerusalem. React harshly, "he warned. "I condemn the terrorist attack. There is no justification for these attacks against innocent civilians, "said the US President Barack Obama, calling then" Israeli and Palestinian leaders, but also ordinary people ‘ working ‘ to search for a road to peace. " Verily the fire smoldered under the ashes. The new season of terror began in September. A series of attacks often attributed by the Israeli police to superme, suicide bombers acting independently with nationalist and religious motivations driven or emulation of incitement. A category that might be the two bombers yesterday. Are the last in order of time. On 4 August, Mohammed Naif Jaabis, 23, of East Jerusalem, it launches with a tractor against a bus killing a 29-year-old man. On 23 October was Abdel al-Shaloodi, 20, of East Jerusalem; investing with a car a group of pedestrians waiting for the tram, killing a baby girl of three months and a 22-year-old boy. Six days after Muataz Hijazi, 32 years of East Jerusalem, it shoots far-right activist Yehuda Glick, seriously wounding him. The 5 November Ibrahim al-Akkari, 38 years of East Jerusalem, invests with a car some people waiting for the tram, killing a soldier and a 17 year old. Five days later, Nur Adin Hashiye, 18 years in Nablus, Hamas sympathizer, kills a soldier to death in Tel Aviv. A few hours later, 30 years Hashalamun Nasher of Hebron, stabs to death a 26nne on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The nightmare of a third Intifada is therefore on Israel, while just last night the Spanish Parliament has recognized the Palestinian State. . For extended facts about this topic read http://af6db2a536a558cbeab8368cb85153bf.bloggerpemula.com.

A billion people do not have toilets.

As soon as progress has been made in access to drinking water and sanitation, the report says, but the lack of funding continues to restrict these advances. In sub-Saharan Africa, where 25% of the population practice defecation in open air, estimates indicate that a child dies every two minutes and a half after drinking non-potable water or the lack of sanitation and hygiene. On these 1 billion people without access to toilets, 825 million are concentrated in only 10 countries, five in Asia, the India greatly OHV with 597 million people, followed by the Indonesia, Pakistan, the Nepal and China (10 million). In Africa, it comes to Nigeria (39 million) of Ethiopia, the Sudan, the Niger and Mozambique (10 million). It is time for action (,.) we do not know yet what will be the agenda for sustainability after 2015 but we know that water and sanitation must be clear priorities if we want to create a future that will allow everyone to benefit from a healthy, dignified life and prosperous, said during the presentation of the report Michel Jarraud, responsible for water at the United Nations and World Meteorological Organization Secretary-General. . You can read the following http://af6db2a536a558cbeab8368cb85153bf.bloggerpemula.com to discover extra on this amazing topic.

Oblique Airbus patents: business, economy, bicycle seat.

Is Hamburg – it the pastis, which today still too drunk in the South of France for lunch? Or the downright touching typical enthusiasm for gadgets, which can support everyone who has once operated a drinks vending machine in France? Anyway, browsing in patent applications of the aircraft manufacturer promotes Airbus headquarters in Toulouse, southern France rather unexpected light: as entertaining as playful – and by the way even the layman understandable – sketches about the possible future of flying. Instead of dull or ramming understandable technical specifications only specialist readers about in the online database of the European Patent Office on a number of Airbus-inventions, which are reminiscent of Jules Verne novels – or at least Tim and Tintin stories. In any case, this applies the ideas: the passenger cabin in the form of lard noodle around or the windowless cockpit, integrated into the tail fin. But also aesthetically the drawings and sketches of the Patents Act, when Airbus engineers still from their childhood and youth reading were inspired. A pictorial language that Telegraph, but also renowned newspapers such as the financial times attention not only publications such as the Swiss Aero makes. Airbus itself emphasizes that all patent applications are quite serious though. An Airbus spokesman says the hot but not that the ideas would also be implemented. Rather, it matter ever to secure the rights to the own ideas for all cases. Therefore, the Group enough applications typically both at the patent offices in Europe as well as in the United States. For some of the strange ideas, Airbus has been granted even a patent. . For extended facts regarding this subject check link.

Crime and malnutrition for children.

Poverty and childhood are two words that should never be combined: and yet today the situation in Italy is becoming unsustainable. Since the beginning of the crisis, in 2008, children who live in conditions of absolute poverty has increased dramatically: according to Istat data, there were 723 thousand in 2011, 1 million and 58 thousand in 2012, 1 434 000 million in 2013. The phenomenon affects both the North and the South of the country, and speaks only of economic poverty, but also health and education. This situation is likely to have serious consequences on their future: social exclusion, crime, malnutrition, delays in cognitive development and increased risk of mortality. Children with no chance to build a future. On the occasion of world day for children, more living Foundation, a nonprofit organization that for the last ten years working for the promotion and protection of children in Italy and in Central America, launches national campaign "completes the future." The goal is to represent a hope for these children supporting them and accompanying them in the growth, through support to the study, the guarantee of a proper diet and adequate medical care. The goal is to create a network of solidarity, with the involvement of private citizens, corporations, foundations and Government agencies to give help and support to public and private structures dealing with minors. Setting out from childhood in Italy, today, means building piece by piece on the future of these children and recreate the right mix of ingredients to restart the engine of our country. From 17 November was put online on the campaign’s official website www. completailfuturo. com where you can find all the information and make your donation. There are already several characters who have chosen to support the campaign in different ways: among others, Luke Argentero, Valentina Vezzali, the SSC Naples, Edoardo Leo. . You must check this link to learn more about this amazing matter.

Russia, the fight for parking ends in tragedy in front of MOM and baby.

Dear neighbor, because I hate you. Especially bad car parking downstairs, or in the place that you do not compete. And the fight for parking ends intragedia: all under the eyes of a mother and child by a year. According to the victim’s wife, Victoria Ermolayeva, the man was wrong to park your car under the House, exploding the wrath of one of the neighbors. And when one of the neighbors criticized the driver of the car, parked just for redarguendolo at that point, the man began to take a kicking and punching in the face. All under the eyes of the attacker’s wife and daughter a year. The victim suffered several injuries to the face and brain damage because of the beating and was rushed to a hospital. The police asked for a copy of this video shot by another neighbor to prosecute the perpetrator of the beating. Happens in Petrozavodsk, in Russia. . Root facts may be studied clicking the following url.

The look of an American on the “poor France.

"The ridiculous does not kill.  » John Vinocur, ‘Wall Street Journal’ columnist, apply this saying to the France if the current tragicomedy did not benefit to the national Front. It is sufficient for him to review the recent vicissitudes of political or media of our country. "Look how the French have made a french book called the Suicide a publishing phenomenon", writes Vinocur by listing a few absurdities of this text. More worrisome: a poll finds the author smart, eloquent and courageous, but there was no majority for considered "dangerous, demagogue or racist. All this on background of economic stagnation, unemployment of 11% and overruns or gaffes offering a spectacle of the stupidest of incompetence, continues. Thus, the journalist cited the television appearance of François Holland, which had advanced as the age of retirement in France 62 years. Everyone knows that it is 60 years until 2017, writes John Vinocur, forgetting that the legal age is based on the date of birth. Then there was the disastrous Jean-Pierre Jouyet statements on his meeting with François Fillon. But "where all of this going to stop?", wonders columnist. "Certainly not with a president as François Holland,,"  "he wrote including. Columnist highlights the hesitations on the delivery to Russia of the Mistral. But it did not spare Nicolas Sarkozy, who hope that these warships are delivered,. even if Putin to authorize the deployment in Crimea of missiles and aircraft capable of delivering nuclear charges. "Poor France", concludes John Vinocur, who had been made chevalier of the Legion of honour by Nicolas Sarkozy. . Similar information can be inspected visiting http://af6db2a536a558cbeab8368cb85153bf.bloggerpemula.com.

The Prosecutor sees ‘artificial’ thesis of the audience to judge the Infanta.

Horrach understands that Palma hearing loads over the sister of King Felipe VI strict liability by merely being partner participant of an instrumental business entity (homework), circumstance which alone, in Spain, is has never referred to as a crime. The Infanta, to Horrach, should not go to trial: if it was for me, and if it was I who had to make the decision, of course, but not by an arbitrary and capricious decision, but by a strict application of the criminal and procedural law, stressed in the interview of the Pepa Bueno. He didn’t venture if the Princess will be brought to trial. "The trial has not started the command has completed, is a long way ahead", added. Pedro Horrach denied pressures, suggestions, interference or orders of the superiority or estates of the State: "I believe in the exercise professional and only covered in legal and tactical, issues that there is no evidence to lay the Infanta on the bench, so I have to expose, but is not a capricious duty, but imperative legal". . Root source can be found checking this website.

LuxLeaks: ‘a directive early 2015′.

Please be aware that we will go fast and strong, early 2015. I have a very clear mission, my roadmap is offensive and certainly not restrictive on the fight against tax evasion and erosion of the tax bases of the States. Jean-Claude Juncker told me the responsibility of tax issues with full knowledge of my personal political commitment for many years on this issue. My services are already engaged in drafting a directive which will provide for the automatic exchange of information on agreements by Rescript. It will concern the tax administrations, companies, tax consultants. The scope of the directive will be the widest possible. His will was multiplied by the allegations against him. I repeat to you: my mandate is to go fast and strong. And it does not stop there, as we relaunch projects of tax harmonisation, which must go hand in hand with transparency. Projects on energy and on the corporate tax base are becalmed. We will resume and unlock these files and, if necessary, propose closer cooperation between States, like the tax on financial transactions. On this issue, the points of view closer and I want an agreement before the end of the year. . Similar data can be read clicking http://af6db2a536a558cbeab8368cb85153bf.bloggerpemula.com.

Ebola: a doctor sierra Leonean infected evacuated to the United States.

A sierra Leonean doctor infected with the Ebola virus in his country, was en route Saturday to the United States for treatment. Dr. Martin Salia, surgeon who worked at Freetown’s Connaught Hospital, is the first sierra Leonean National sick of Ebola to be transported to the United States, where nine cases which most had contracted the disease in Africa have already been processed. For the time being, only a Liberian died of Ebola in the United States. The other eight patients were all cured. Dr. Salia must be supported by the Hospital of the University of Nebraska at Omaha (centre). The institution said in a statement that the patient was seriously ill, citing aid workers in Sierra Leone information. His exact condition will be assessed when it arrives on American soil, added the Nebraska Medical Center, pointing out that Martin Salia was perhaps sicker still that the first patients treated successfully in the United States. It had to happen around 16:00 local (22 H 00 GMT) at the Nebraska Medical Center, according to this hospital, which had initially announced 14 H 00 local (20 H 00 GMT). This centre is one of the few institutions in the country equipped to treat Ebola patients. For its part, the State Department said facilitate the medical evacuation of a permanent legal U.S. resident from Sierra Leone to the United States to be dealt with against the Ebola virus. The discharge is made at the request of his wife, an American citizen and resident of Maryland, who has agreed to reimburse the U.S. Government for all necessary expenses, said the State Department in a statement. As we have done in previous cases, all precautions are taken to ensure a safe evacuation, so that intensive care is provided during the trip and is maintained at a strict isolation (of the patient), he also said. Dr. Salia was evacuated by a special flight which departed Freetown international airport at 08:00 (local and GMT) this (Saturday) morning, had announced earlier told AFP the head of the sierra Leone medical services, Dr. Brima Kargbo. The surgeon was hospitalized at the treatment centre of Hastings, 20 kilometers from Freetown, the Sierra Leone only fully managed by local staff. It will be the third person with Ebola to be dealt with in the Nebraska Medical Center. The previous two patients survived. Dr. Salia is the sixth sierra Leonean doctor contracted the Ebola virus that killed his five colleagues, including one woman. Sierra Leone is one of the three countries of West Africa – with Liberia and Guinea-hardest hit by Ebola. The last balance sheet of the world Organization of the health (who) broadcast Friday, the epidemic has made 5. 177 dead on 14. 413 cases in eight countries. Alone, Sierra Leone has 1. 187 deaths on 5. 586 cases to 11 November. . You can visit this reference to read extra about this great matter.

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