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Coalition in Thuringia: SPD leaders voted for red red-green.

It is difficult to expect that the base will oppose the proposal of the Management Board. The votes will be counted on November 4. Still up in the Monday afternoon it had looked so, as the long planned Member decision of the SPD should be dropped off and moved to the end of the coalition negotiations. The SPD members referendum should follow their party leadership, and is also the Board of Directors of the Greens are in favour of an Alliance on Thursday of this week left with SPD, the coalition negotiations can begin in November. Left and green will make vote their members after the coalition talks about the adoption of the Treaty. Then should the time be advanced until the advent and end waiting for the arrival of the Messiah with the intention of Ramelows to choose the first left Prime Minister in the Federal Republic. The designated SPD Chairman Andreas Bausewein, who is to be elected on weekends in his new Office, warned even before new elections in five or six months. The SPD is afraid that in the third ballot as Prime Minister a candidate of the CDU could get at least as much votes as Ramelow. That would be red red green failed. The alternative is considered for Germany in the Thuringian Landtag from point of view of the SPD hard Computable. . For additional information on this matter click http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.

Bases can be outraged with the change in the voting system promoted by churches.

In the meantime, the Developer continues to insist on, if its proposal is not chosen, he will leave the race for the leadership. Suggested it a few weeks ago and Congress has made it clear with an invitation the Group of Echenique which has been interpreted as an imposition: "I know very well that if people agree with our model, with the need for a single general Secretary, no doubt I will throw aside to support us in this work because they are honest peoplesaid on Saturday in Vistalegre before their supporters. "We will not fall on one side, we will give ten steps to the front," responded the next day Teresa Rodríguez MEP, integrated in the project of Echenique. "Not had Pablo Iglesias said that change the rules of the game during the game was not well? To some things Yes and for others not? ", asks a sympathizer," If up to take into account that some packages of ideas have a media impact than others not by not having made everything in a transparent manner to not influence, as we do not find in the same old ", responds another. Several critical opinions agree that change rushed in the voting system still forms of the "old politics" which is rejected. "I don’t want to leave bipartisanship where impose me what to do, to get me back to impose what to do here. "We know that churches is essential, but that may not mean everything you make the want", says a user. . Additional info can be inspected visiting home page.

Bonus new mums, Vendola: only Tv propaganda, but kindergartens close.

-Renzi offers to new mums diapers and bottles and we will have to close the nursery to enable it to finance its propaganda performance in tv lounges. You have to be a little more serious before the rights of the child and the right of families to not crack crisis. So Nichi Vendola, President, criticizing the announcement made yesterday by premier, Matteo Renzi, a bonus of 80 euros for newborns from January 2015. But the leader of Sel is not the only one not to have appreciated the initiative of the President of the Council. For the Secretary of, Matteo Salvini, is more important to implement other measures: We-commented-we want to make other measures, how to make free the daycare, which costs 600 euros in Milan and 80 that is planning to Renzi. Even more critical of the Northern League Deputy Roberto Caon, chescrive that the eighty euros pledged by Matteo Renzi for new moms are the umpteenth macam of this Government in favour of the EU. The vast majority of those resources-add-will in fact end up in the pockets of all those foreign nationals who, in contrast to the trend of Italian couples have a child within the next year. Instead of helping those born and works always in this country, the Government continues in its policy in favour of foreigners and immigrants. The 80 euro for new moms are a first, belated attention signal against women after Renzi wanted to keep for itself the powers of equal opportunities without actually exercise them. The bonus is a good initiative, but there is no need for a broader policy in favour of women, is the position of Member of Elena Catching, Member of the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination of the Council of Europe. Interventions to do out there, starting with the implementation of the national anti-violence Plan. For example, in the law of stability the Government has mentioned funding for anti-violence centres? Also on policies for equal opportunities, proceed ‘ step by step ‘ okay only if you know where you’re going, concludes Catching. It is, however, sure that the 80 euros bonus for new mums to go fundamental need of the country, which is to return to grow, starting with the family and that is one of the best investments we can make for the future Dorina Bianchi, Deputy leader in the House. Inside the Pd are not homogeneous positions. For the Deputy, Matteo Colaninno, the 80 euro for new moms are a choice of hope for the country. It is the State that invests for the future and builds confidence. This decision, announced yesterday by premier Renzi-continues-is beautiful, and it should be supported. It is not so optimistic Blogish: Make many promises no use if there are no resources to make them concrete, he said, arriving at the direction of the Democratic Party. There is a problem of social shock absorbers covers: is it right to give them to everyone, but it seems there are no covers. Also for the bonus to new mums this is an extension of rights, but they found the shells. The skeptical. I don’t know if the surgery may be covered by half a billion of the Fund for the family policy: I hope that the 80 euro-said the Secretary-General, Susanna Camusso-must be accompanied by a policy of schools for children. I would have expected more a policy of support for families in poverty. The Union leader, then he must emphasize that we are still faced with an ad that is complicated make judgments because no one knows if the bonus is based on income and family to one child, and if so, the measure is selective. A propaganda stunt more than a really effective measure: this is the Confederal Secretaries of judgement, Giuseppe Shortage and Ornella Pandit: rather than a flat amount is the same for everyone, you should intervene with targeted policies such as the family quotient, which takes into account the income and composition of households, they stated, adding that the measure announced by premier seems a simplistic solution, more oriented to collect consensus that to solve the real problems of the concrete individual households. The measure announced in no important signal, but absolutely insufficient. For the Association is positive will definitely want to support all families by 2015 will have a child, for the first three years of their child’s life, but cannot be considered as a definitive measure of economic problems that already have families, and similarly cannot suffice given the expenses that a family must make on average only for food, diapers, kindergarten. . Additional facts can be found visiting http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.

You cut the ear in protest, the artist had already nailed his testicles.

New violent protests by the self-defeating self-styled Russian Pyotr Pavlensky. After talking to essersiinchiodato the testicles in red square in Moscow last November, the man climbed back in the limelight for having cut the lobe of an ear with a large kitchen knife in public. The artist, totally naked, climbed on a wall of the Serbsky psychiatric clinic of Moscow and with a cutlass has severed the tip of the right ear before the cops stop him and lead him away. Even this far has been justified by the man as an act of protest against political power in Russia. While in the case of the testicles nailed the protest was "against the police state" in his country, now the demonstration is against the political use of Psychiatry. "The knife separates the earlobe from the body, as the concrete wall dividing the psychiatric society of reasonable people from suffering from insanity," said the man, adding: "is the use of Psychiatry for political purposes, the police apparatus recovers the right to define the threshold between reason and madness". Before this latest episode Pavlensky, now hospitalized, had sewn their lips to demonstrate against the condemnation of Pussy Riot and then was wrapped by barbed wire against political power. . Main facts could be read checking this info.

Japan, resign two ministre.

TOKYO-blow to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Two of the five women Ministers in his cabinet are: first brownfield left the new Economics Minister, Yuko Obuchi, for suspected irregularities in the use of public funds; a few hours later after he submitted his resignation the Minister of Justice, Midori Matsushima, accused of violation of the electoral law. The two Minister had entered the Government in September as part of the first redesign of the Executive since the arrival in power of Abe, in 2012: an operation to reinvigorate its popularity and making it a symbol of the policy to promote women’s role in the labour market.  Just 40-year-old, elegant and telegenica, the Obuchi, mother of two sons and daughter of a former Prime Minister, was considered the right image to convince public opinion more sceptical of the need for reopening of nuclear reactors closed after the disaster of Fukushima, in 2011 (also difficult task given that the polls give the Japanese constantly opposed). She in particular is suspected of having spent between 2007 and 2012, when he was still a member, several millions of yen (hundreds of millions of euros) without any relationship with his political activity: for his personal expenses (including cosmetics in department stores) and for gifts to his supporters (for example, free theatre tickets). . Related facts can be read visiting resource.

Cheap and transparent – why Warren Buffett on ETFs set.

They depict a particular index, such as the German share index DAX, as a passive investment instruments. Alternatively can be in bond markets, how to invest, for example, European government bonds. This type of investment has several advantages: a the investor through the underlying index know the specific objective rules follows exactly what he invested. The first index funds were set up in the 1970s in the United States. Some two decades later, they were introduced in Europe. Since then, it has constantly extends the range and today alone includes more than 2000 funds, which combine together almost half a trillion dollars in invested assets in Europe. The rest should flow in an ETF on short running government bonds. This revealed in his recent letter to shareholders Buffett. In addition to the comments on his heritage, more places where he is explicitly recommended for an investment in index funds can be found. When one of the most famous representatives of active stock selection on his late days holds a such strong plea for ETFs, so something must be on the hype surrounding the index funds. . For extra about this topic visit http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu.

Toni Collette and other Hollywood stars to make a clean break with the past.

(La Presse)-Unrecognizable. Without his long blond hair the Australian actress seems another person. But this cut to Annie Lennox is not dictated by a header or by the desire to give a shock to the look. Comes from copycat needs and the desire to identify with as much as possible with the protagonist of the film ‘ Miss You Always ‘, a woman suffering from breast cancer who must undergo many therapies to defeat evil. It seems that Collette, despite the makeup artists could ensure the same effect onscreen, wanted to shave to zero just figuring out deep feelings and anxieties of the protagonist. But Toni Colette to have made a radical change to their hair. He dropped his long bob, the most fashionable cut at this time, for a short Bob with small French fringe that makes her resemble Valentina drawn by Crepax. Regarding the color has abandoned the warm brown with hints for a black Corvinus rather unnatural, but it fits perfectly in this chic cut in early 20th century style. His hair doesn’t give peace, often changing hairstyle and color, trying even the most unlikely. These days she appeared onstage with the left side shaved almost to zero and cobalt-colored tips. A decidedly aggressive image more appropriate perhaps to a rock star than a singer from hit parade. Change of life and look for another Queen of pop,. Launching its line of underwear has sported a long bob smooth but still super blonde: no longer a teenager, but Barbie Barbie bancaria. Well cut that played new episodes of ‘ The Big Bang Theory ‘ with very short hair that was much criticized by fans on social networks. So much so that the actress had to justify himself by saying that it was a personal choice but of film needs, for a film that is ending turn. Among men, one who sported a look definitely over the top, even with shaving strips to form an abstract design, is. Despite 37 years already has been made, the recent marriage with Kim Kardashian and a child born shortly before the rapper apparently doesn’t want to put his head in place. . You can read the following http://9f86361f513f9dd02364fbbabc.com-information-archive.eu to read more about this interesting subject.

Laura Poitras’ documentary Citizenfour: the movie, which saw Edward Snowden at the unveiling.

In the Mayday in Brooklyn of the protest March was prepared recently protesters by 300 000 during the UN climate summit. The cultural centre becomes more and more to the new meeting place for all those who in New York left and are critical. Laura Poitras has that Mayday chosen for a special premiere. Here it shows the trailer of her film the first time Citizenfour, her documentary about the Whistleblower Edward Snowden. In the audience, friends, and supporters and fans sit next to the. There’s beer and wine, the proceeds go to a good cause. Laura Poitras gives her all right, the short film begins: I’m Ed Snowden, uh, Edward Joseph Snowden is my real name. They call me ed,. Poitras shows the people of Snowden in her film. The young man, who is in Hong Kong, with his information, he collected as a NSA employee, and distributed under the pseudonym Citizenfour in the world, to challenge the mighty. Who knows in what danger he brings yourself and all who work with him. The first contact activities between the filmmaker and the whistleblower took place in spring 2013, first over encrypted mails, published by the US magazine wired in parts. Scahill says in New York City, not the journalists are the main objective, the authorities want to unmask the source, track and punish. These are they who are risking their freedom. The journalist is 0.0001 percent of the risk, the whistleblower the burden of large whole. The Government pursuing those who talk to journalists. What we do on the weekend, what books we read, doesn’t matter which. They want our sources. . For extra information regarding this topic check reference.

Bayrou best embodies the centre for a French on two.

MoDem) is the personality that best embodies the centre for almost one French in two (48%), while two-thirds (66%) believe that this political power must remain independent, according to a survey Odoxa for Le Parisien/today ‘ today in France, QED and i-Tele. Yet retired from political life for six months, Jean-Louis Borloo comes in second position (31%), behind the president of the MoDem. Largely distanced the two candidates vying for the Presidency of the UDI, the further training of the centre, Hervé Morin and Jean-Christophe Lagarde, are cited only by respectively 14% and 2% of the French. If two-thirds of the French consider, therefore, that the centre must remain independent, one-third (32%) are of a contrary opinion, while eight French in 10 (79%) believe that it does not represent a significant political weight. What respondents deplore elsewhere because 71% of them deem it useful in politics and that 57% consider that it corresponds well to the expectations of the French who are tired of the left-right opposition. Survey of a sample of 1. 003 people representative of the French population aged 18 years and over interviewed by internet on 16 and 17 October. . Inspirational source may be read checking this hyperlink.

The restaurant does not accept credit card for Obama. Michelle Pays.

Will have been a moment of embarrassment took surely everyone involved in this curious incident that, though, as the main character sees a certain Barack Obama: at a restaurant in New York City, the credit of the President of the United States of America has been rejected. Some also for the maid who had to present the incident to two tenants of the White House should not have been an easy time. It’s not certain every day have the President and the first lady to dinner. To tell what had happened was the Obama. However the episode occurred during the UN General Assembly last September, at the same time he signed an executive order that requires the use of ‘ chip and pin ‘ credit cards that aims to combat identity escape. "My credit card was rejected. Don’t use it enough and they thought there was fraud going on, "explained the President. "Thankfully Michelle had her". At the restaurant "thought that there was some kind of scam," he said. Happens, yet Obama explained, "when you don’t use the card almost never and then am suspicious when, for once, instead we want to pay a Bill, even if you’re the President." . Similar info can be read clicking fact.

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