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The numbers of the manoeuvre and the boost you need (by f. Forquet).

Finally the tables. After the rumors and words can so think about real issues of the maneuver. And those numbers, as reported by the annex 3 of the text sent to Parliament, show that between savings and new spending commitments in the coming year will increase to 4.8 billion in terms of net debt of the public administration (the reference value for the EU). And that the balance of revenue between tax cuts and new levies, stops at a minus 1.9 billion. As has happened in recent years, therefore, at the time of publication of the final table, the stability law uncovers her face more austere and less attractive. On behalf of Renzi has to be said that the final balances are penalized from 80 euro bonus accounting major expenses and not between the tax cuts. But even with the shift of 9.5 billion which serve to confirm the effects of Decree 66, the end result in terms of expenditure and on that revenue is not the draconian operation reduction of government spending and taxation corresponding, which had been foreshadowed and that would be needed to restart the country’s economy. It would be too easy to be ironic about 137 million as a result of the retroactive tax on life insurance policies. Easy and even unfair, because we must not forget that this maneuver eliminates the odious taking on job component of Irap, a tax that penalizes companies that make jobs, and zero to three years contributions to companies that take on indefinitely. Interventions that, even with the limits that the Sun 24 Hours broke down, are certainly in the right direction. But we must also wonder why this Country discussing for seven years by a serious and long-term spending review and then there always is reduced to more or less random interventions. Without an overall reform of the perimeter of the State and the Pa will not ever that quantum leap necessary to unequivocal maneuvers in terms of growth. All the more so if then from Brussels, with myopia, force you to subtract from the boost to recovery more resources. . Related facts can be read reading http://4e7c89431ab41a5a23aaf9dc1d.ericholzman.eu.

The Nord/Pas-de-Calais region embarks on social business.

North region / not – de – Calais began at the social business and social entrepreneurship, with the launch Friday in Lille from the project SoBizHub, which should encourage the development of projects, inspiration and work of the Nobel Prize of peace Muhammad Yunus. Develop an activity that meets a cause social, economically viable and which does not personal profits: this is the definition which must meet aspiring to social business such as set out by the Cantor on the subject, the Bangladeshi Muhammad Yunus. The Nobel Prize in the 2006 peace was present Friday afternoon to support the launch of the project in Lille. We ask that the term of + social + business be used very carefully, said Muhammad Yunus at a conference organised in the framework of the World Forum. Earlier, another figure in social entrepreneurship, the Filipino Tony Meloto, had defined the term as the use of the skills of the traditional world of business to create a better humanity. Some 125 people in 65 different organizations have already begun to mobilize for a year, said the sponsor of the project, Philippe Vasseur, president of the Chamber of commerce and industry of the Nord/Pas-de-Calais. Among the initiators are specialist DIY Leroy Merlin, the McCain frozen Canadian giant, network Alliances responsible growth Entrepreneurs, the Catholic University of Lille. SoBizHub is given four main objectives: raising awareness and promoting social innovation, create spaces of co-creation between actors who do not have the habit of working together (private, public and non-profit), develop academic training by creating a Chair in entrepreneurship social/social business, and finally to promote the launch of projects by setting up incubators, support in the form of mentoring and financing solutions. Inspirational source may be found visiting the following page.

Pie gate to friend, 14-year-old mauled by her 4 dogs left without food.

His dogs, often mistreated and forced to fasting or stay locked up in a cage, they mauled and killed 14-year-old friend of his daughter, yet a mother irresponsible Atherton, near Wigan, England, will avoid jail time. The tragedy, definitely preventable, had happened in March 2013. Jade Lomas-Anderson, after bringing home a good report card, parents had gone to find her friend Kimberley Concannon. Came with a slice of cake in hand, she reached by dogs, let loose, that have torn from head to toe, by provoking them mortal wounds to the neck in seconds. The only consolation for the family of Jade, if anything can be, as they have established legal practitioners: the girl died a few moments, then suffered less than what was believed at the beginning. This was established in the process towards Beverley Concannon, Kimberley’s mother and mistress of dogs. She skipped the first hearing the reasons for the absence with a hospitalization, then admitted to having often abused dogs. Yet the Court lacks evidence of gross negligence in the maintenance of two dogs and two bull Terriers who killed the poor Jade. And in the absence of hard evidence, have condemned the woman just four months in jail, conditional sentence consospensione. The Mirror reports Online. . Inspirational facts could be studied clicking this hyperlink.

Crisis: rise of suicides in 2013, one out of every two and a half days.

During the 2013 were altogether 149 people who have taken their lives in Italy for economic reasons or due to the economic crisis that hit the country, a strong increase compared to the 89 of 2012. An alarming figure which means a suicide every two and a half days because of the crisis. This is what emerges from the recent figures released by Link Lab, the laboratory of social and economic research of the University Link Campus University for more than two years studying the phenomenon. According to the data of the study last year among people who have taken their lives for economic reasons one on two was an entrepreneur, but in a year has doubled the number of the unemployed and suicides tripled that of employees, often close in the grip of debt. In particular, the 40 percent of the suicides recorded in 2013 has happened in the last trimester. After the summer months, the number of suicides for economic reasons is back to climb steeply between fall and winter. . For additional regarding this topic check http://4e7c89431ab41a5a23aaf9dc1d.ericholzman.eu.

Barlach failed: Landgericht Berlin approved bankruptcy plan for Suhrkamp.

A second meeting of the creditors decides whether the insolvency plan, which provides for this conversion. Barlach Announces on damages to sue, the Publisher should be changed really in a joint-stock company. The Frankfurt higher regional court temporarily quash the decision after Unseld Berkéwicz not on the bankruptcy plan may vote. A first meeting of creditors voted largely by mutual agreement for the continuation of the insolvency proceedings under own management. Almost 200 prestigious Suhrkamp authors Barlach brandishing a phase-out of the Publisher, should keep it "significant influence" on the House – including Sibylle Lewitscharoff, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Durs Grünbein, and Uwe Tellkamp. The Frankfurt District Court bans the Publisher in a preliminary injunction, to agree to their own bankruptcy plan at the meeting of creditors. The District Court of Berlin-Charlottenburg opened insolvency proceedings. At the suggestion of Unseld Berkéwicz the Publisher to converted from a Kommandit-into a joint stock company. Barlach lose this far-reaching rights. The Publisher requested a corporate restructuring under the new bankruptcy law. The so-called shield method is intended to prevent that profits to the shareholders are paid off. Publishing Director Ulla Unseld Berkéwicz conceded a further defeat: the Landgericht Frankfurt am Main are instead of a complaint of Media Holding AG of the minority shareholder Hans Barlach, information rights and shareholder decisions were debatable. The Landgericht Frankfurt am Main ordered the Family Foundation led by the head of the New York to pay of almost 2.2 million euro on Barlach. It goes to the retained earnings by 2010 and the proceeds from the sale of the Frankfurt company building and the Publisher archive. The Landgericht Frankfurt am Main adjourned the proceedings. It refers to the extrajudicial mediation efforts and determined the 25 September as another possible trial date. Barlach insisting as a precondition for a compromise on the withdrawal of the Executive Board. The Suhrkamp-Chief rejects a withdrawal. In an appeal, more than 70 renowned authors take sides for Publisher Unseld Berkéwicz. More than 160 science writers of the Suhrkamp publishing house require an amicable solution to the shareholder dispute. . Root data could be found visiting the following url.

This beautiful fucking life in the cinema: Obstinacy, stronger than death.

Powerful, loud and wonderful: Doris Dörrie portrays women who have ventured into the male domain of Mariachi music in their documentation. Its imperturbability adds terrific in the Mexican culture of extremes. This is a special story, because they are Mariachas – musicians, what is not directly provided for in the tradition. Here, a whole dynasty, in just one day the daughters began to sing out for money and playing the violin – tells undeviatingly. If the Mexican macho culture so trying to keep the women in this industry, this is particularly bizarre. Because they keep it on the life old traditions in Mexico, as almost everywhere else, some species well need. The dead feast and the Mariachi women that fits so well together because in the imperturbability in despite the calls for this job, have an attitude to life course, which is quite wonderful in the Mexican culture of opposites and extremes: black and white skeleton coverings and brightly coloured decorations, death and life, enthusiasm and contempt, love and hate, up one jubilant grieved to death. Then Maria’s songs – a stubbornness, who gets small even death are so: life is killing me – I’m the rays in the sky, and your fault, he blacked out. The line comes from the beautiful fucking life out of one of the songs. On the music, this joyful noise and the mighty voices which prevail against him, one must engage – it is sung quite a bit in this film. . Extended data can be read visiting http://4e7c89431ab41a5a23aaf9dc1d.ericholzman.eu.

Electricity: rates up 2.5% from 1 November.

After an increase of 2.31% in rates of 7 million French gas, electricity bills should rise by 2.5% for the 28 million subscribers from 1 November. This bad news comes with the approach of winter, as households tend to consume more for heating or lighting. This draft order will be considered for advisory opinions by the Supreme Council of energy (CSE) on 28 October and by the Commission of regulation of energy (CRE). the Council of State suspended the tariff freeze. Now, the Government must be based on a new method of calculating regulated tariffs applied by EDF. However, these incorporate a portion of the loss of profits suffered by the incumbent in 2012 and 2013, due to the gap between the rates applied and the costs it has incurred. Precisely, on 15 October, the CRE published its report in which he advocated that the increase is at least 1.6% in 2014. According to the CRE, the shortfall of EDF was EUR 1.4 billion during this period.   In practical terms, these increases should be on average 2.5% for Blue said tariff,-0.7% in the non-residential blue fare. For businesses, the yellow tariff is expected to increase 2.5% and 3.7% for high-voltage lines subject to the green tariff. A first record hot for Jean-Bernard Levy, who will replace Henri Proglio at the head of EDF in late November. . You can visit the following http://4e7c89431ab41a5a23aaf9dc1d.ericholzman.eu to learn extra regarding this amazing matter.

Partner choice for fruit flies: look me up on the wings, baby!.

The fruit fly is not exactly an eye-catcher: Brown, measly stature, red bulging. But the inconspicuous insect has a dazzling site. His wings like a soap bubble mounted on a delicate linkage shine against dark background. Now an international team of researchers has found out the reason for the color spectacle: the females choose their sexual partners on the basis of the color of the wings, write the researchers in the journal of proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In their study, the researchers studied the fruit flies while mating. The females are choosy and careful when choosing a partner. Usually they avoid male, whose genetic Mutationen in the genome are reflected significantly in physical characteristics – such as different eyes and body colors. In their experiment, the biologists changed only the background, which was even brighter, darker times. The result: Regardless of genetic females those males whose wings colors could recognize them always preferred. So those against the dark background. Light and coloring of the body plays an important role in reproductive biology and evolution not only in fruit flies. So, an increase of suspended solids and therefore a turbidity of the water to that color very differently colored colorful perch species greatly decreased led, for example, in Lake Victoria in East Africa. . For extended facts on this subject click http://4e7c89431ab41a5a23aaf9dc1d.ericholzman.eu.

How to re-enchant the policy?

Participants in turn questioned the sincerity and truth of political discourse, on the capacity of States to transform society to make it more just, or the weight of finance global against employees of the industry. These hundreds of people who were not activists, who were not (or more) in a party, thus remained three hours hoping to find ways to believe again in the policy to re-enchant the France. They have also, through their listening skills and interventions, confirmed what we knew for a long time: the French are passionate about policy and the public good. They prove it every day, less by going to vote but more by participating in groups, by joining associations, mingling of local affairs in the Councils of districts such as on internet or even by following more political broadcasts on television. Active parity must become a condition of admissibility to the legislative and senatorial elections in winnable areas against political apathy. Stop to reserve for women (and even minority) who are lost in advance. Open 10 per cent of the leadership of the party to the non-incentive. Two iconoclastic proposals have also defended: a the governing quota for members of associations (not the fake nose of political parties) or the social and solidarity-based economy companies who accept to participate; a further quota drawn among citizens who volunteer. You can extend it to the municipal councils so that they can be opened in a few representatives drawn. Against the disconnection between elected officials and the people, support the institution of the referendum on popular initiative. While results are not always what is hoped but the vitality of democracy is the price. Finally open our urns to non-EU residents: how to accept that foreigners who pay their taxes and social contributions in France, put their children in public schools, living in our cities and be excluded from the universal suffrage? Expected not a political party that it is a small democracy to him alone, but expected him to clear missions. First and foremost, what he say what is and what should be, it be so, in the words of Edgar Pisani, "side silent long-term and not just of the short-term screaming." The democratic vitality of the France is a sign of hope for politicians. That they recognize their mistakes or their waiver would advance the confidence they inspire; a willingness to act for the good of the country and their ability to wear a "plausible Utopia" would that stronger and more credible to build, gradually, the France of tomorrow. . Extended info can be inspected checking link.

Planned heist of 1966: COP killer of Harry Roberts is freed after 48 years.

On August 12, 1966, he was sitting with his two accomplices Jack Witney and John Guddy in a van in the vicinity of the London prison of Wormwood Scrubs. They prepared for their next robbery. Three police officers in a civil vehicle stopped to check the car, the robbers panicked. Roberts opened fire with his Luger pistol and killed the 25-year official David Wombwell. Then he pursued a fleeing officer, Christopher Head, and shot him also. The third policeman, Geoffrey Fox, was shot and killed by duddy. All of this occurred in broad daylight, children were playing on the road. While his two accomplices were arrested immediately, Roberts could escape and go into hiding. Scotland Yard launched one of the largest investigation actions in its history. Three months Roberts game of cat and mouse played with his pursuers. In his army days, he had learned to survive in the open air. Finally, he was placed in a homemade cavity in the County of Herefordshire. . For extended data about this subject check link.

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