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Partner choice for fruit flies: look me up on the wings, baby!.

The fruit fly is not exactly an eye-catcher: Brown, measly stature, red bulging. But the inconspicuous insect has a dazzling site. His wings like a soap bubble mounted on a delicate linkage shine against dark background. Now an international team of researchers has found out the reason for the color spectacle: the females choose their sexual partners on the basis of the color of the wings, write the researchers in the journal of proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In their study, the researchers studied the fruit flies while mating. The females are choosy and careful when choosing a partner. Usually they avoid male, whose genetic Mutationen in the genome are reflected significantly in physical characteristics – such as different eyes and body colors. In their experiment, the biologists changed only the background, which was even brighter, darker times. The result: Regardless of genetic females those males whose wings colors could recognize them always preferred. So those against the dark background. Light and coloring of the body plays an important role in reproductive biology and evolution not only in fruit flies. So, an increase of suspended solids and therefore a turbidity of the water to that color very differently colored colorful perch species greatly decreased led, for example, in Lake Victoria in East Africa. . You should visit this http://91e60613bbf935b90f580431ae872ed.com-archive-online.eu to learn more about this interesting matter.

How to re-enchant the policy?

Participants in turn questioned the sincerity and truth of political discourse, on the capacity of States to transform society to make it more just, or the weight of finance global against employees of the industry. These hundreds of people who were not activists, who were not (or more) in a party, thus remained three hours hoping to find ways to believe again in the policy to re-enchant the France. They have also, through their listening skills and interventions, confirmed what we knew for a long time: the French are passionate about policy and the public good. They prove it every day, less by going to vote but more by participating in groups, by joining associations, mingling of local affairs in the Councils of districts such as on internet or even by following more political broadcasts on television. Active parity must become a condition of admissibility to the legislative and senatorial elections in winnable areas against political apathy. Stop to reserve for women (and even minority) who are lost in advance. Open 10 per cent of the leadership of the party to the non-incentive. Two iconoclastic proposals have also defended: a the governing quota for members of associations (not the fake nose of political parties) or the social and solidarity-based economy companies who accept to participate; a further quota drawn among citizens who volunteer. You can extend it to the municipal councils so that they can be opened in a few representatives drawn. Against the disconnection between elected officials and the people, support the institution of the referendum on popular initiative. While results are not always what is hoped but the vitality of democracy is the price. Finally open our urns to non-EU residents: how to accept that foreigners who pay their taxes and social contributions in France, put their children in public schools, living in our cities and be excluded from the universal suffrage? Expected not a political party that it is a small democracy to him alone, but expected him to clear missions. First and foremost, what he say what is and what should be, it be so, in the words of Edgar Pisani, "side silent long-term and not just of the short-term screaming." The democratic vitality of the France is a sign of hope for politicians. That they recognize their mistakes or their waiver would advance the confidence they inspire; a willingness to act for the good of the country and their ability to wear a "plausible Utopia" would that stronger and more credible to build, gradually, the France of tomorrow. . Additional info can be read checking reference.

Planned heist of 1966: COP killer of Harry Roberts is freed after 48 years.

On August 12, 1966, he was sitting with his two accomplices Jack Witney and John Guddy in a van in the vicinity of the London prison of Wormwood Scrubs. They prepared for their next robbery. Three police officers in a civil vehicle stopped to check the car, the robbers panicked. Roberts opened fire with his Luger pistol and killed the 25-year official David Wombwell. Then he pursued a fleeing officer, Christopher Head, and shot him also. The third policeman, Geoffrey Fox, was shot and killed by duddy. All of this occurred in broad daylight, children were playing on the road. While his two accomplices were arrested immediately, Roberts could escape and go into hiding. Scotland Yard launched one of the largest investigation actions in its history. Three months Roberts game of cat and mouse played with his pursuers. In his army days, he had learned to survive in the open air. Finally, he was placed in a homemade cavity in the County of Herefordshire. . Similar facts can be read reading fact.

+++ News ticker to the Ebola Epidemic +++: Ebola suspicion in Oberhausen.

In Germany, there is a new suspected Ebola case. A spokesman for the city said a man in Oberhausen, is affected. The so-called organic food task force has arrived at the local people and look at him, he explains. Substantiates the suspicion that the man will transported to University Hospital Düsseldorf, which was specialized with its isolation ward. All known contacts of the man have been isolated as a precaution. It involved nine people, including three employees of the ambulance service, two policemen, and a neighbor. The doctor of the first Ebola patients in Germany, the Hamburg tropical medicine Stefan Schmiedel, will help itself in the crisis region in West Africa. Sai – says he will travel on Wednesday to the Organization doctors without borders for three weeks after Sierra Leone, in a hospital that is located in the middle of the main endemic area. Passengers should be observed in the future for three weeks from the countries mainly affected after their arrival in the United States, announces the U.S. disease agency CDC. Travelers from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia are examined in the future every day at their final destination in the United States. The 21 days is the maximum incubation period of Ebola, so the period between infected and onset of symptoms. The new measures will enter into force on 27 October. US President Barack Obama cautiously optimistic estimates the success in the fight against Ebola in his country. He is convinced that clinics in Texas and Ohio were prepared, if cases of the viral disease occur in the two States so Obama on the night of Thursday. The world’s largest food group Nestle take will not shut down despite the Ebola-production in its eight factories in West and Central Africa. So far, there are no restrictions on the delivery of the sites or the transport, so CEO Paul Bulcke. That could happen, but it has not happened yet. Nestle will, if necessary, respond when to spread Ebola. . Root facts could be found reading the following article.

Beppe Grillo: “Napolitano will resign, is glued to the Chair from 1953″.

The question, though not of narrow topical, is always subject of controversy and bickering: at the time of acceptance of the second term as President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano had clarified the "exceptional" nature of this situation, by suggesting that as soon as the political framework he could get normalized his resignation. In recent months they have been in many to speculate that "the time had come", but from the Quirinale have never received confirmation to that effect. Deployed on the front critical of the legitimacy of the work of the head of State has long Beppe Grillo, who from the pages of his blog, has repeatedly attacked Napolitano, claiming the resignation with a loud voice. And today, citing a public intervention by the President, the political leader of the movement 5 Stars back to reiterate his judgment: "Napolitano do not know if there is or if there is. Now attacks the old power structures, he that is glued to the Chair, parliamentary government, MEP since 1953. Stuff to make envy to Andropov or Cernienko. Give the example and resign ". Then a parallelism: "out of the crisis should be listed as" Na Na ", assured performance bond and long-term. A safety ". In short, the controversy between the head of State and Beppe Grillo is enriched with a new installment (and the list seems destined to grow yet ,.). . Similar info can be inspected clicking http://91e60613bbf935b90f580431ae872ed.com-archive-online.eu.

“The young fabulous”. Leopards arrives at the cinema.

Leaps to the eye, and can not be otherwise, the Hall of a cinema of Lecce, crowded with people for watching a movie; the surprise lies in the fact of not being a comedy, or a science fiction film, or a thriller, but "the young fabulous", the film about the life of the poet Giacomo Leopardi. We talk about poetry, seems a mirage. How wonderful! Exists, and here-the hope never lost–anyone betting on poetry. Someone who wants to break the usual apparent stillness, that prudence sometimes boring and exasperating everyday. A movie created for art, beautiful landscapes and images trace the poet’s life from childhood until adulthood. In spite of those who say that poetry does not sell, does not affect empty opinions would say-Leopards-a daring filmmaker and great repute as Mario Martone believed the value of the beauty of poetry, giving us a film production by far worthwhile. Masterful interpretation of Elio Germano. Poignant. Every word, every gesture and ignites passion blazes breaking the boredom, the melancholy of a flowing time.   And then broom, on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, it leaves you breathless. So I left the cinema, breathless, almost ecstatic State, for catapultarmi then in practice, and is alone; some, however, believe strongly that the poem, the one with the "p" capital, which invests from above, is necessary, indispensable better, and besides producing profits–as will happen to film-shows the sublime, which seem vital. However, it seemed the fabulous youth audience, the boys at the end of the film have applauded with composure and gratitude. Is a clear example of a passion, an enthusiasm, hunted by our poet incessantly and never as fundamental today everybody to live, deal with the existence in the best possible way. . Original data could be found clicking this http://91e60613bbf935b90f580431ae872ed.com-archive-online.eu.

GDF Suez: the CGT denounced a retirement Hat out of mind for Mr Mestrallet.

Syndicat CGT de GDF Suez Thursday of Auditors asked the gas group on the terms of retirement out of the mind of its president, Gérard Mestrallet. Reacting to an article in le Canard Enchaîné released the eve, it claimed in a statement of clarification on the amount of pensions hat, say surcomplementaireet paid by the company, provisioned by the company in its accounts. I wrote today to the HRD (human resources Director) to find out if EUR 21 million were really intended for Mr. Mestrallet, said AFP the Coordinator of the first Union, Yves Ledoux. While many employees of the Group live with wages at the level of the minimum wage and GDF Suez has committed an enormous austerity of the order of EUR 4.5 billion plan, they see their boss to grant terms of retirement out of mind, writes the CGT. In addition to legal, basic and supplementary retirement, officials of some big French companies are entitled to a retirement Hat if they complete their careers in the business. His is paid for the duration of the pension of the recipient. The reference document 2013 group, available on its website, evokes a global provision of EUR 103 million at December 31, 2013 for all members of the Executive Committee (number 27 last year), without further specification. After this document, Mr Mestrallet has terminated his contract of employment and asserted his rights to retire when he was reappointed in April 2012 in his position as CEO. In 2013, he thus hit 90. 000 euros in basic pension, in addition to pay of EUR 2.9 million (including 1.6 million variable part). The document States the CEO has waived, for the duration of its current functions, to collect his supplementary pension (Group plans Arrco and Agirc), amounting to 831. 641 euros. The mandate of the current CEO ends in may 2016 and it may be renewed his position because it will be then reached by the age limit of 67 years. Mr Mestrallet would nevertheless be ready to anticipate his departure, said his entourage. Isabelle Kocher, favorite to succeed him, has been appointed General Director Tuesday delegated. . Extended data can be read visiting http://91e60613bbf935b90f580431ae872ed.com-archive-online.eu.

Hydro-electric power in crisis, Enel will close 23. Unions: ‘ irrational ‘ Plan.

The thermoelectric sector, namely that of traditional powerhouses, has long been a victim of the economic crisis. The recession that began in 2008 and competition increasingly important renewable energy have ditched the traditional electrical consumption. As for refining, are heavy reflections on industry, especially on investment and employment. According to Union estimates, about 10,000 people Filctem about half the risk. Companies have already started to make divestitures and other are announced. According to a recent report by the energy authority, in 2013 were already out of the system almost 2.5 gigawatts (GW) in 2014 and it should skip other 9.3. Last week the CEO of Enel, Francesco Starace, announced that the company has already closed plants for GW and other 11 2.4 GW are "potentially from disuse": it is well fed by central 23 traditional fossil sources, including those of Trino, Porto Marghera, Alexandria, Campomarino, Carpi, Camerata Picena, Bari, Giugliano and Pietrafitta for which has already started the definitive closure. A choice which the Group participated in the 31% by the Treasury it is inevitable: the traditional electrical demand will not return to pre-crisis levels and businesses rely more and more on renewable energy and energy efficiency. The number one energy group has, however, assured that "there is no employment problems for the 700 people who work, because" will be reallocated "or go into retirement. Rather, now the problem is to understand if there are workarounds for these sites: "Some," said Starace, "may have a future in renewables, in particular biomass, or be subject to reindustrialization, others go re-designated urban spaces". Words that do not reassure the unions, who demand an ad hoc Board at the Ministry of economic development and announce battle.  "Enel is strong not only because it distributes electricity but because it produces. The plan announced is heavy, sensationalized and devoid of rationality. And we would oppose it, "said Emilio Miceli, Secretary General of Filctem.  "After a downsizing of the mains is the progressive closure of existing generating capacity on the national territory with pseudo reassurances on the future of the staff, who should retire or be otherwise placed", added the Secretary General Uiltec, Paolo Pirani. But the problem is General, it relates only to Enel. Some time ago the national secretariats of Filctem, Uiltec and Flaei and Tirreno Power have begun to sign agreements for social safety nets in all firms. A few days ago the unions have signed up for the 126 workers mobility within the group. The goal of the company is not to exceed the total of 393 units to 1 January 2015.  In this case, however, you add the problem of Vado Ligure, under sequestration by March, the company could close shortly.  Tuesday, October 28 will be held instead a national eight-hour strike in all e.on against the announcement of the sale of Italian assets of the German group. Workers have also announced the launch of the strike of the extraordinary and time shift for 30 days. E.on is present in Italy with 6 gigawatts of installed power between electric and gas plants, hydroelectric and renewable employs approximately 1000 employees. So the unions fear "dangerous consequences about the bleeding of jobs" and a "stew of an important part of the country’s energy infrastructure." If in fact the company was taken over by Edison at the time in private negotiation, would open the way for the sale to pieces. Faced with this situation, the workers would like to see falls in the Government itself. But, at the moment, leaves little hope: "the combination of energy efficiency and renewable energy makes us think that demand will recover on thermoelectric, but in a limited way," said Claudio De Vincenti, Deputy Minister for economic development, responsible energy. . You must check this http://91e60613bbf935b90f580431ae872ed.com-archive-online.eu to learn extra regarding this amazing matter.

5 Leopolda, boom of reservations: already received over 10,000 requests.

We are already more than 10,000 reservations via the web. And Word of mouth that bounces the organizers già warns not to arrive after the scheduled start time, because there is a serious risk of finding the doors barred to supervening capacity. For the first Leopolda with Matteo Renzi at the Government says andreottiano ‘ the power wears out those who don’t have it ‘. For four years the appointment under the arcades of the old Florentine station was an assault on the establishment, the revolt against the dem leadership from scrap. From the first of 2010, one with Goofy Civati, become Meanwhile minority leader inter to Pd, as last year, which was already waiting for the triumphal ascent. However, this time will be even more short track, with even more appearances. So much so that even the cost, usually around 150,000 euros, it is estimated that are doubled: some will be higher, about 300,000 euros, according to the accounts of Attorney Alberto Bianchi, President of the Foundation Open has always been the safe renziane enterprises. And the internal minority view with suspicion growing to Festival which resembles much of a current convention. Although the same Renzi denies any such intention. Even the presence of law enforcement announced larger than ever. Just this morning held a meeting in Florence’s police organization. For the moment we have no information of deans and protests in front of the Leopolda, also in view of the fact that Saturday, the bulk of anti-renziani will be in Rome, to the manifestation of the Cgil. But even the police headquarters but excludes the possibility of protest actions of the last minute. In the shed of the Leopolda preparations are underway while preparations. The gadgets says the future is just the beginning, the title of this year’s Edition, have already prepared: t-shirts, mugs, pins and pens. No symbol of Pdm at least from the organizers: Although who will be presented with flags is welcome, said the reforms Minister Maria Elena Woods, organizer of last year’s Edition. The scene chosen by premier-Secretary this year will be that of a garage. In memory of Steve Jobs’s first steps, that basically the world giant Apple innovation in auto Depot Santa Clara. But the formula will change little: la Leopolda opens Friday at 19, with the greeting of Renzi and early interventions, strictly 4 minutes, before the welcome dinner. It then resumes Saturday morning around 9. 30: Unlike last year, this is the day of 100 tables, i.e. thematic discussions in groups of 10. There were 50 tables in the morning and in the afternoon, leaving 50 then the efforts to closing table coordinators. In the end Sunday, opening at 9. 30 and after the last marathon final speech interventions of Renzi around lunchtime.  Maria Elena Woods, Minister of reforms, it will not be this time the ‘ front-woman of the event. In conduction, on stage, there will be four members: Lorenza rather Bonaccorsi, sister of the former Councillor for mobility of Renzi, Deputy Mayor of Pescia Edward Fanucci, the Avellino area Falah Fahad and torinese Silvia Fregolent. The same people who today held a press conference in Rome to present the event.       . You must visit the following http://91e60613bbf935b90f580431ae872ed.com-archive-online.eu to learn more about this great matter.

Switzerland: of Eritrean asylum seekers in a monastery.

Nuguse Teklestion greenhouse between his fingers his large crucifix, while he moves amid the cows and horses to the Church, which is the center of his new temporary home. I am very happy to be there, it’s quiet and it was no problem, says 21-year-old young man. It is part of the Eritrean asylum seekers 30 to which most famous monastery of Switzerland, the Abbey of Einsieldeln, has proposed hosting this month. Founded in the year 934, the Benedictine monastery – and his mysterious black Virgin – drains every year more than a million pilgrims in the idyllic town of Einsiedeln. But since early October, the monastery has transformed a building used to usually welcome the pilgrims in shelter for asylum applicants. This building should receive by the end of the year about 80 Eritrean refugees. In the Benedictine tradition, each person who knocks on the door of the monastery has the right to be heard, says Father superior Urban Federer, smiling behind his metal rimmed glasses. And the canton of Schwyz (the Switzerland centre) knocked on the door. -Increase of asylum applications – like all other countries in Europe, we are faced with a massive influx of asylum-seekers, most of them Eritreans, since July, said the AFP Fiona Elze, cantonal migration service. Our reception centres were complete, she adds, acknowledging the exceptional willingness to help of the monastery. Between July and September, the Switzerland received more than 7. 800 applications for asylum, an increase of 45% over the same period from 2013, 3. 500 being the fact d?Eritreans. The Switzerland must manage since the beginning of the year 25. 000 applications for asylum, compared to 21. 500 for the whole of the year 2013. Asylum-seekers are divided between the cantons and Schwyz, which has 150. 000 inhabitants, must accommodate about 500, or 2% of all asylum seekers, precise Ms. Elze. For a small township, it is a challenge, she notes. To do this, the cantonal authorities have opened civil protection shelters, which are often constructed in the basement. The canton of Schwyz preferred other solutions, rather than accommodate asylum seekers in shelters deprived of daylight. This is a little more human, said Ms. Elze, showing the rooms clean and bright building where Eritreans are housed. There’s also a small classroom, where men take all the days of the German courses, as well as a kitchen where they can prepare meals. A hot meal is served them every day in a refectory. -Spiritual duty – most of the Eritreans are observant, rather Orthodox Christians than Catholics, and many say be relieved to find themselves in such an environment. Some have described their journey through the desert, from Sudan to the Libya, at the mercy of traffickers and many of them risked their lives crossing the Mediterranean. I was tortured by traffickers across the Libya, and I almost died, shows Teklestion, the words are translated by an interpreter. Samuel Tesfmicher, 23 years, tells AFP that he had been handcuffed during three months in Libya before being able to ride in a boat, that almost sinking in the Mediterranean. The water came flowing, he said adding that he was relieved not to be part of the 3. 000 people who perished in trying to cross the Mediterranean this year. The father superior, who was pleased to perform his spiritual duty, by welcoming refugees, acknowledges however that some of the 15. 000 inhabitants of Einsiedeln reacted with apprehension to the arrival of Eritreans. The Switzerland is one of the countries in Europe which hosts the largest number of refugees compared to its population, and resentment towards them increases, especially in the traditional and conservative cantons as Schwyz. I explained to them that they were not really welcome, it is a fact, and it is simply honesty, says Ms. Elze, adding that now that they are there, we will do our best. Teklestion did not have shocked air, stating that he hoped to be able to obtain a residence permit and become a productive member of the Swiss society. I would like to have a job, he says, and then I would like to start a family and have a nice life. . For extra information regarding this subject click fact.

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