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Paris denounces ‘barbarism’ after the beheading of journalist James Foley.

If true, the murder of James Foley is shocking and depraved. I will chair meetings today on the situation in Iraq/Syria. -David Cameron (@David_Cameron) August 20, 2014 the Islamic State (AR), extremist jihadi group, said Tuesday have beheaded American journalist James Foley and threatened to kill another in retaliation to U.S. air strikes in Iraq. In a video authenticated Wednesday by the White House and broadcast on the internet, the EIS shows a masked and dressed in black man who seems to cut the throat of James Foley. The alleged sticking is cut to the mounting, but an image then shows the decapitated body of the journalist lying on the ground. The french Government calls ‘barbarism’ this macabre staging that takes place in a desert, without that it is possible to say if it is in Iraq or Syria. The journalist was abducted by gunmen in November 2012 in Syria.  His family, who had launched an information campaign, had no news since then. The announcement of the beheading of the American journalist James Foley by the Islamic State is a "barbarity", denounced Wednesday the Government spokesperson, Stéphane Le Foll. "On a case to a barbarism that uses fear and threat. Must make every effort to mobilize, it is the goal and the French approach at European level and internationally, Stéphane Le Foll told the press at the end of the Council of Ministers of re-entry, when the international situation was extensively discussed. The White House confirmed Wednesday the authenticity of the video released Tuesday showing the killing of the American journalist James Foley by the ultra-radical jihadists of the Islamic State (AR). «The intelligence analyzed video recently broadcast showing Americans James Foley and Steven Sotloff.» We arrived at the conclusion that this video is authentic", Caitlin Hayden, spokesman for the National Security Council, said in a statement. The focus of the author of the beheading of the American journalist suggests that the jihadist is British. David Cameron, interrupted Wednesday his holiday to chair a series of emergency meetings. "If this is true, the murder of James Foley is shocking and perverse. I will today preside over meetings on the situation in Iraq and Syria,"wrote the Prime Minister on his official Twitter account. In a statement, Downing Street said that the Prime Minister had returned from Cornwall in the morning, and that the meeting in the presence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs and senior officials of the Ministry of the Interior, would be an opportunity to make a point about "the threat posed by terrorists of the EIS. Questioned by the BBC, the British Foreign Affairs Minister Philip Hammond has expressed her sense of "absolute horror" after the video webcast. "It is a further example of the brutality of this organization Toolbox", he added. Diane Foley paid tribute to her son in a message posted on the Facebook page of a group created in support of the journalist, Find James Foley, Tuesday night (Wednesday morning in France): "we have never been as proud of our son Jim. He gave his life trying to show the world the suffering of the Syrian people. We implore the kidnappers to spare the lives of the remaining hostages. Like Jim, they are innocent. They have no control over the policy of the Government in Iraq, Syria or any country in the world. We thank Jim for all the joy that he gave us. He was a son, a brother, a journalist and an extraordinary person. Please respect our privacy in the coming days while we mourn and cherish Jim. "Foley, who for 40 years was an experienced reporter, had notably covered the conflict in Libya before travelling to Syria, where he covered the uprising against the regime of Bashar al-Assad for the American site GlobalPost, the Agency France-Presse and other media.  "In the name of John and Diane Foley, and GlobalPost, we are very affected by the messages of sympathy and support which we are inundated since the execution of James possible has been made public", says the CEO of GlobalPost, Philip Balboni. "We are horrified by the dissemination of this video – which has not been authenticated – and the claim of the murder of James Foley," the CEO of AFP, Emmanuel Hoog said.  "James was a courageous, independent and impartial journalist who was kidnapped in November 2012 while covering the Syrian conflict. The reports he made to AFP and other media were recognized and admired by a large audience. Nothing could justify that it deprives James of his liberty or on the threat of death. Our thoughts go out to his family in this painful period", he added.  In the video, the jihadists also show images of another American journalist identified as Steven Sotloff. They threaten to execute him in turn if U.S. president Barack Obama does not end the U.S. air strikes in Iraq.  As James Foley, he is wearing an orange outfit that is reminiscent of the Guantanamo prisoners.  The video of a little less than five minutes, entitled "Message to America" was turned in a desert area without make it possible to know where. . Extended information can be inspected visiting http://9flats.justkain.com.

First tourist season in berne for the Crimea under Russian flag.

Tourists have largely shunned this summer the first tourist season of the Crimea now attached to the Russia, fault such as the inhabitants of the southeast of the Ukraine, accustomed places blocked this year including by fighting in their region, complain the restorers of the shores of the Black Sea peninsula. Feodosia, cited historic Southeast of Crimea, the seafront promenade is frequented by few tourists wandering before posters announcing Russian pop-stars tours. The season is fucking, there’s nobody, launches a local Restorer, Galina Antchoukova. Normally most of the tourists come from Southeast of l?Ukraine, but there is war and he n? is more direct trains from these regions, she said. There are tourists from Russia, but there are not many either, hopefully much that next season will be better, says Ms. Antchoukova. The majority Russian-speaking Crimea was attached to the Russia Federation in March, after the arrival in power in Kiev of pro-European authorities. In four months, in the neighbouring Ukrainian Southeast, fighting between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists made more than 2. 000 deaths. The inhabitants of Crimea pounce on a group of Russian tourists just landed a boat come to Anapa (South of the Russia) to propose price rooms. This summer we have very few tourists, it offers rooms to 400 rubles per day (a little more), says Natalia Gorlova, representative d? a small tourist company, Nika. -Imperial resort – holiday resort of the Imperial aristocracy and the Russian intelligentsia – Chekhov is located the action of the Lady to the small dog-, Crimea became one of the meccas of the intrasovietique tourism, because of its beaches and its very mild climate. But this year, only 1.8 million people visited the peninsula from May 1 to June 30, according to Olga Bourova, Vice-Minister of tourism of Crimea recently quoted by Izvestia, and 3 million tourists are expected for the whole of the summer season, compared with 6 million in 2013 according to Ukrainian official figures cited by the same Russian daily. Anna Konstantinova, age 57, owner d? a hostel in Sebastopol, home port of the Russian Black Sea fleet, does not a season also remember bad for years: only one of the five rooms for rent is occupied by a family from St. Petersburg. Health resorts of Crimea are filled to 30%. It is a drop in attendance of 50% compared to last year, says Alexei Oumanski, vice – President of l?Russian Association of tourist agencies cited by l? agency RBK. J? was here two years ago and I n? had not managed to see the Palace of the Khan of the Crimea, there were too many people, said Anna Savtchenko, come to Kaluga, near Moscow. While this time I can see all quietly, he n? no world, I take this opportunity. We are very pleased to be part of the Russia and we hope lots of Putin. It could, for example, require the police and the military to spend their holidays in the Crimea, joking Genia, a taxi driver from Kerch (Eastern Crimea). In any case, the Russian Government promised to invest the equivalent of more than 13 billion euros in the Crimea during the next five years, one-third to build a bridge between the Russian territory and the peninsula – related today only by plane or by ferry via the Strait of Kerch. While a rail link was inaugurated this month, but it puts between 44 and 46 hours to reach Moscow and Simferopol, head of Crimea, bypassing the territory of Ukraine, with forced landing of passengers in the Kerch Strait. . Root source can be found checking this blog.

Presidential 2017: Alain Juppe the UMP primary candidate.

I decided to be a candidate, in due course, in the future primaries announced Alain Juppe on his blog, thus formalizing his candidacy in the primary of the UMP for the presidential election in 2017. Less than two years remaining to organize them (as common sense would suggest that they take place in the spring of 2016). This is a good time, he says. Referring in turn to the international situation, the Government Valls who has lost the confidence of the French, but also the benefits of the organization from a primary to a candidate of union which would confront the FN on one side and the PS or what will take place on the other, the Mayor of Bordeaux explained be aware that some thoughts that precede deserve to be worked and in-depth. It will be understood that I want to participate in this beautiful construction, he said. François Bayrou, invited this morning to Europe 1, welcomed the announcement. I have esteem for Alain Juppe, who is a strong, courageous, respectable man who can do good to the country, said the Mayor of Pau. It can be an asset for the future of our country, he added. . Related text can be inspected reading source.

Japan: 27 dead in landslides in Hiroshima.

Landslides in Hiroshima caused the death of at least 27 people in this city in southwestern Japan, recently hit by a series of terrible weather. Ten others are missing. This is an interim assessment of the public television channel NHK, citing the police. These are unpublished rains and a large-scale disaster. There are in addition to other hazards of precipitation, told the press Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who specially interrupted his vacation. I gave the order to strengthen relief, and for this, hundreds of soldiers from the self-defence forces will be sent on the ground, he added. The total is expected to reach 600 men, according to Keiji Furuya, Minister responsible for the disasters, which must also get on the ground. These sudden subsidence surprised the people at night. A 77-year-old woman, a boy of 2 years and his 11-year-old brother were among the victims, according to the NHK which stopped its regular programs to give priority to this disaster. A rescuer would also died. Damage range on twenty kilometres, crossing several areas of Hiroshima. Firefighters and residents were active on the scene for clean-up and check the presence of persons at the foot of covered slopes of trees, which plugged Earth has rolled down and just ravaged in its path. Most of the houses are built of wood and, in such circumstances, are literally razed to the ground by the power of the wet earth flows which the mass and velocity are unstoppable. Images of television taken from a helicopter showed the devastated subdivisions and whole blocks of homes submerged under mud. Several residents took refuge on rooftops and some had to be helicopter. Soggy Earth covered streets are impassable. These landslides occurred in several places simultaneously. These are locations where the risk was known. Record rains fell recently in Hiroshima and it would be better in this kind of situation to go into refuge centers, but this is not always predictable nor possible, said a specialist on the NHK television channel. Wednesday morning, several areas were still under alert at risk of land subsidence, including Fukuoka province (southwest) and violent rains. Weather conditions remain volatile, have warned weather services, even if rain should weaken on the affected area. This situation, aggravated by the recent passage of several typhoons, had pushed in recent weeks the authorities to advise hundreds of thousands of people to temporarily flee their homes because of fears of flooding and mudslides. Recently, the tropical storm Halong had left behind stock of ten dead, dozens injured and extensive damage, mainly in the South. The southern parts of the archipelago had previously been affected, early July, by the powerful Typhoon Neoguri which caused at least seven deaths. . Inspirational source may be read reading the following http://9flats.justkain.com.

Ferguson – BILD reporter arrested again free!.

After the renewed flare-up of protests in Ferguson is the National Guard cracking against the demonstrators. The soldiers did against rioters in the night of Tuesday in the small US town with tear gas and stun grenades. At least 31 people were arrested, of whom some from New York and California arrived in the U.S. State of Missouri. Also the appeal of U.S. President Barack Obama to renounce violence has shown no effect. In disputes on the night of Tuesday, the police arrested 31 people. The cops were out of the crowd of mostly peaceful protesters under heavy fire, said Police Captain Ron Johnson. The African-Americans who grew up in the area had taken over the command after the almost exclusively white local police had been accused of excessive violence. Police officers had fired not a single bullet, although they had been violently attacked, said Johnson. In the crowd two people are, not shot but by policeman. Also four police officers had been injured. . For more insights about this topic click http://9flats.justkain.com.

Bundeswehr rockets for Pesh?.

Vontagesschau for information. de the planners at the Defense Ministry have pointed out about extensive stocks of Milan anti-tank missiles in German army depots. These missiles – a german French community development from the 1970s, can combat armored targets up to three miles away. The missiles would be quickly available, many the expiration date anyway run out any time soon, according to coalition circles. The current arms export policies are adopted in 2000 by the former Red Green coalition. The Government considers the rules with the long name of policy of the Federal Government for the export of war weapons and other military goods too restrictive to make its arms export policy. Exports to countries involved in armed conflicts, or where such a risk are expressly forbidden. However, exceptions in justified individual cases are possible; It has been applied several times. The document as a PDF on the Web site of the Federal Ministry of economics. It is therefore little wonder that the Federal Government plans to support the Kurds in four stages reportedly. After the relief supplies with medicine, blankets and other humanitarian goods, which is already running, non-lethal equipment such as helmets, protective vests, night vision goggles and paramedic should then delivered in a second step. . Similar facts can be found reading http://9flats.justkain.com.

Argentina: two nephews of Pope and their mother killed in an accident.

After will be assigned Monday for the first time publicly on his own death, Pope François has been affected by a family drama on Tuesday. Two great-nephews of the sovereign pontiff and their mother were killed in a violent car accident in Córdoba, Argentina. The victims were, respectively, eight months, two years and 38 years. According to the newspaper La Nación, the accident took place on the night of Monday to Tuesday on the highway between Córdoba in Rosario, in the centre of the country. Married and the father of victims, who was at the wheel, "was hospitalized in serious condition", said Carina Ferreyra Córdoba Police Commissioner. He is Horacio Bergoglio, the brother died of François’s son. The Chevrolet Spin faced Horacio Bergoglio and his family came into collision with a truck which was travelling in the same direction. The driver escaped unharmed. The Vatican spokesman, father Federico Lombardi said in a statement that "the Pope was informed of the tragic accident in Argentina to some members of his family and is deeply saddened". "He asks all those who participate in its pain to join him in prayer", concluded the short release. "The dead are an eight-month-old baby and a two-year-old child, as well as their mother, while the husband, Horacio Bergoglio, nephew of the Pope, was hospitalized in serious condition," said Carina Ferreyra, Córdoba Police Commissioner. . You must click this http://9flats.justkain.com to discover extra on this great matter.

Eat flowers featured on Tv but is serious Jimson weed: elderly couple.

Risked their lives for having eaten a dish prepared on tv. The main ingredient, collected in gardino, Jimson weed, was a hallucinogenic plant, much like that cooked in the transmission. Risked seriously the two elderly people aged 80 years of Alezio, province of Lecce, after eating the flowers gathered in the garden and prepared according to a recipe seen on tv. Only the intervention of a relative, concerned because he could not get in contact with the couple, he saved the lives of two. It seems that husband and wife were very passionate about botany and food-themed Tv shows. During one of these shows, attended the preparation of a dish on television and decided to repeat the recipe at home. Main ingredient: the Jimson weed, also known as "Devil’s herb". Formerly used as an ornamental plant, has always been known for its soothing, capability but also for the strong toxicity and hallucinogenic properties. Can cause muscle paralysis and respiratory system. And between the plants grown in the garden by husband and wife there was just the Jimson weed. But, while the cooked plant on tv had to be edible, that eaten by spouses was not sure. As mentioned, was a Kinsman to realize that something had happened. Was worried because she couldn’t contact the two seniors, went directly to their home and found her husband in a coma and his wife in a State of confusion. Given the alarm, there was an ambulance of 118, which carried urgently husband and wife the "Ferrari" of Casasarano. Here have undergone gastric lavage and hospitalized in prognosis is reserved. . Extended data can be read reading http://9flats.justkain.com.

Weapons and traceability: iTrace project.

One of the main problems in the arms trafficking that involved several foreign banks remains the traceability and especially the details of the various operations. All reports that are issued on the export of arms, from the European Union to Istat and the report by the Presidency of the Council, do not understand what kind of merchandise was sold. Leading the ranking of armed banks (annual report of the Council Presidency), there is the French group Bnp Paribas with over 1. 050 million (the largest part of the work is carried out by Bnp Paribas Branch Italy, nearly 942 million euros equal to 34.1%, while its subsidiary Banca Nazionale del Lavoro has performed for over 108 million; a total of 1050 million). The second largest German bank Deutsche Bank who took over operations 743 million euros (26.9%) of the. UniCredit ranks third overall that took almost permissions 541 million euros (19.6% of the total). But beyond the mind-boggling figures do not know sensitive information. Although banks are protected in a system of authorisation of licences gunner to other countries, on the other hand a huge illegal trade of weapons go to implement increasingly unstable wars especially in countries of the Middle East and Africa. We talk about "common Weapons" that Italy has exported with ease, such as semi-automatic pistols Beretta Model PX4 Storm semiautomatic carbines and Beretta CX4 Storm model or the Benelli M4 way cal rifles. 12. In 2009 the Brescian company has exported, with a regular license, to the Directorate of public security of Colonel Gaddafi. Weapons that no one would know anything if there had been an error of transcription (and reported in the annual report of the EU) by the authorities of Malta where they are passing through that has suspicious associations export control-conscious military as Disarmament network.  But another step is going to be accomplished. In September will present the iTrace data, an EU-funded project (2013 Decision/698/CFSP of the European Council) that provides accurate information and check on illicit transfers of small arms and light weapons, conventional weapons and related ammunition. ITrace system locates space (through Gps) data collected in the field by the investigative team of Conflict Armament Research (Car). Through the aggregation of comparable data extrapolated from thousands of individual cases, iTrace is able to generate metadata about various types of illicit weapons, their origin and its supply channels. In this way, allows you to locate potential diversion risk, identify the main traffic routes and the weaknesses, in terms of scope and implementation, control instruments of arms already in place at national, regional, and international levels. Investigations are conducted weapons Triangulating various investigative techniques: interviews with users of weapons (such as soldiers of rebel forces), analysis of related documentation (e.g. analyzing packaging brands, load notes, certificates of air freight or naval; customs documents), analysis of data supplied by arms manufacturers, exporters or national defense agencies, security, and intelligence. . For more facts about this matter read http://9flats.justkain.com.

Femicide of Monasterace, found the husband’s fleeing car.

Was found at Guardavalle Marina, close to the railway station, the car of Joseph Pilato, the 30-year-old wanted by police for the murder of his wife Mary Cirillo occurred yesterday afternoon at Monasterace. The car was abandoned along the SS 106 Jonica with keys inserted inside the cockpit there was your wallet with cash and credit cards. The man fled immediately after he shot his wife, at the height of a violent quarrel. The murder sparked a manhunt throughout the area: were placed checkpoints and patrols. According to the findings of the first investigation, the relationship between husband and wife in recent times had cracked. Witnesses reported that Pilate if he had gone from the family’s apartment. Her husband would have gone home, probably to meet his wife. It was yet another debate, so much so that some neighbors heard shouting, they called the police reporting a quarrel in the family. But before the soldiers could arrive in the building in viale della Libertà, Pilate took the gun and shot his wife. One fell swoop at the head. Mary Cirillo is dead, her husband fled. Soon after she returned home 10-year old daughter, who found his mother on the floor and bloodied. When there came the 118 ambulance, to the woman there was nothing left to do.   . Similar data can be inspected reading http://9flats.justkain.com.

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