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Cazeneuve wants complaints of racist or anti-Semitic inscriptions.

The Minister of the Interior will ask the prefects to complain in case d? anti-Semitic inscriptions, racist or xenophobic, announced Monday. Field trip to Val-de-Reuil (Eure), a municipality which makes the efforts of crime prevention, Bernard Cazeneuve cited two cases that he has denounced with force: swastikas were drawn on a place of Muslim worship in La Charité-sur-Loire (nièvre) Saturday, he detailed, and an anti-Semitic inscription was discovered Monday on a stele in memory of Jewish children deported to Marseille. These are events that I do not want to see, said Mr Cazeneuve, these behaviors are unacceptable and have no place in the Republic require a firm and determined response. It will therefore send, he said, a circular to the prefects Tuesday so that they carry complaint, if this is not done by associations for example, if acts of this nature occur. I mean the determination of the State to ensure that harmony and brotherhood prevail over everything else, he added, branding small haines (,.) have no place to be. The law will pass, he promised. The Minister also said in a statement on the occasion of the feast of Eid al-Fitr which marked Monday the end of ramadan, the firmness of the Government will be total to combat all forms of discrimination, including against anti-Muslim acts, and continue to pursue relentlessly their authors. . You can read this http://de.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz to learn more about this great subject.

Austria and the first World War: Without a doubt in the sinking.

The bust of the young Empress, watches, a barometer and an electric cigar lighter gift by the Tsar adorn the desktop of Franz Joseph I. On the wall hangs a watercolor painting that shows the Franz Joseph glacier in New Zealand. The Emperor’s favorite chair red fabric is totally sat through and scuffed. World history was written right here. The Biedermeier ensemble of his work room in the imperial summer residence in Bad Ischl the divestment signed the Declaration of war of the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary on Serbia on 28 July 1914. The first world war is afoot. "I have checked everything and considered," said the Emperor in the call "to my people." Wrong, says the story. That made the world-changing signature in the Idyll of a health resort, was convinced of the Viennese historian Oliver Rathkolb. "The decision in the summer indicated a patron who has everything under control, she stressed the hope that it remains at a more local punitive expedition against Serbia." A few days later had mobilised Europe’s major powers, is the Danube monarchy almost from the outset losing battle. "The country was prepared for this war in any way," said Rathkolb. Vienna’s military spending dropped significantly before 1914, in contrast to which Britain, France and the German Empire. So far, the Emperor had resisted the urge of the generals to lead a pre-emptive war in the Balkans. After the assassination of Sarajevo is his patience with the Serbs, who are seeking an own empire, and also his reason to end. "How the Americans would react to a President in spe by a squadron trained in Tehran is murdered?", asks the historian Christopher Clark in an interview with the newspaper "Kurier". For many years, the multi-ethnic State Austria-Hungary of the breaking point is exposed. Virtually all individual Crown lands seeking independence under the banner of nationalism. The Kingdom brings together twelve peoples – of Galicia (now Ukraine), of Bohemia (Czech Republic) up to Trieste (Italy) with its 50 million citizens. The war and the prospect of the strong German allies promised a liberating blow in the face of internal conflicts. "It is a final attempt to set sail again on a sinking ship and turning the situation around," said Rathkolb. And indeed the war enthusiasm knits together also in Austria-Hungary almost all. As 1915 Italy, actually allied with the German Empire and of the dual monarchy, occurs on the side of the opponents in the war of wrath mobilized new forces. "A betrayal, dessengleichen the history does not know,." ", formulated the aged monarch and speak many subjects from the heart." Twelve extremely bloody battles on the Isonzo River, where also poison gas is used, soldiers fall into on the Alpine front on both sides around 400 000. On all fronts, the army of the multi-ethnic State has a problem that knows no other nation: officers who speak mostly German, and teams who understand often not German. "The officers had to learn while their bodies of troops, but many of them were killed in the bloody first weeks of the war. Reserve officers, who often hardly dominated the regiment languages, appeared in the place of the fallen. That made the thing"not easier, says military historian Manfried twilight. At the end of a million soldiers of the Emperor had fallen, wounded two million and 1.6 million in captivity. Emperor Franz Joseph died in 1916 after 68 years of Government. His grandnephew Karl I. ascends the throne. Fail his attempts to negotiate a separate peace. The fall of the Empire is sealed. The balance sheet: The monarchy is divided by the defeat, lost 90 per cent of the original territory. But not so much the loss of the area has clouded the mood according to Rathkolb. For the German-Austrians, it had been rather bad that the victorious allies prohibited an association with the Weimar Republic. A mortgage with complications in the Nazi era: "that explains the cheering when connecting 1938" so Rathkolb. . Similar information can be read checking http://de.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

World juniors: a record of three golds for the France.

French athletics has confirmed its good health also at the level of the next generation, with a record record of three gold medals at the world juniors at Eugene (United States), including that of Wilhelm Baston with a brand new global (12 99) 110 m hurdles. The pole vaulter chibane Axel Chapel (5.55 m) and the Niçoise Benedicta Diallo, who has hovered in the triple jump (14.44 m with too much wind, but also 14.20 m under regular conditions), also decked out the most beautiful metal. This triple underlines the importance + cultural + the first Olympic sport. The boom and high Hedges are strengths of the hex track for decades. Renaud Lavillenie, Olympic champion and world record holder (6.16) of the pole, and Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, who just beat the national record on the senior high hedges (1.06 m compared to 0.99 m for juniors), are proof to the highest level. + + PML had indeed been in 2010 junior world champion. And Diallo, who ascended to the 3rd place of the French performers, did not neglect the CREPS de Boulouris (Vars) advice of reigning world champion Teddy Tamgho, + big brother of + Hop, step and jump +. Since its inception in 1986 the world junior, open to athletes with at least 19 years old in the year, 12 lights were titrated. In the table of medals, the United States, at home, have dominated the event with 21 podiums, including 11 on the top step, before Kenya (16 medals). The France finished in 6th place. . You should read the following article to discover extra about this interesting topic.

Syria: six children die in strikes in Aleppo.

At least 15 civilians, including six children, were killed in aerial night bombing of the Syrian army and the shelling of the rebel in Aleppo. At least nine civilians, including three children, were killed in the night by two barrels of explosives on the (rebel) District of Chaar in the East of Aleppo, according to the Syrian Observatory of the human rights (OSDH), which evokes an interim assessment due to the large number of serious injuries. According to this NGO, which is based on an extensive network of civilian, military and medical sources across the Syria, six other civilians, including three children and a woman were killed when mortar shells fired by rebels hit the District of Jabiriye, under control of the regime. Since 2012, Aleppo, the country’s second city and formerly its economic capital, is divided between troops of the regime-controlled western areas and districts is in the hands of rebels, subjected to daily aerial bombardments that have left hundreds dead this year despite international protests. The rebels lead their side of the mortar on the Western sectors attacks. The conflict in Syria has become increasingly complex with the proliferation of fronts across the country. The war has claimed more than 170,000 dead and thrown out of their homes more than nine million people. . Main source may be studied clicking this http://de.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

The child martyrs of Gaza beach.

A balloon. Thats all what Ahed Bakr was able to recover on the beach after the Israeli who killed his son, his grandson and two of his nephews, Wednesday 16 July near the port of Gaza. Ahed and Zacharia, 10 years, Mohamed, 9, and Ismail, 11 years old, were having fun near the Jetty when two missiles fell on them, killing them instantly.   The Bakr live at the heart of the Chati refugee camp where piling up 87. 000 Palestinians, before the war of 1948 with Israel, towns of Lod and Beersheva Jaffa. Here, everyone knew the four boys and their large family of fishermen. The Bakr were even a street in their name where they occupy several buildings tight the next to each other. Promiscuity is sweltering in the hottest hours of the afternoon. Slowly, bent, he entered in the modest House that he shares with his three brothers, each occupying a floor as the Palestinian tradition. It is the first that lived the young Mohamed and his twelve brothers and sisters, as well as his cousin Zacharia and his parents. In total, twenty-five people lived in this dark space of four pieces, without vanity, without decoration. The furniture comes down to chairs in plastic and foam mattresses arranged in corners and a large mat deployed in the main room where eats and sleeps the family.   The district was targeted by a missile warning, a few days earlier, and since all fear real rocket, that will destroy their home or that of their neighbor in a large cloud of smoke and dust.   The rest of the time, the Bakr buy cans of water: Ca us costs 2 euros 250 litres for four days and 25 people, calculates Ahed accurately.  It is used for drinking, washing and cooking.  What makes 2.5 litres of water per person per day, when the recommendations of the World Health Organization are around 20 to 50 litres daily. A tiny area where fish is becoming increasingly scarce.  We can no longer go to sea, it is too dangerous, is sorry Ahed which is not mounted on his boat for more than a month. . You should click the following http://de.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz to read extra regarding this great topic.

The falsification of the fillet.

It seemed a completely legal enterprise. Three partners who distributed food to restaurants and schools with a ship in Torre Pacheco (Murcia) where they stored all kinds of packaged articles: desserts, juices, pickles, ham, anchovies, coffee, baby eels, rice. But not only they kept there food. Between the pallets were hiding machines for labeling, solvents and stickers used to manipulate the expiration dates of products which had, with the help of cronies, when they were returned by not be fit for consumption. Up to 37. 000 labels with legends such as "consume preferably before,." "and 14 pallets of counterfeit food found the Civil Guard officers and health inspectors registered warehouse. The plot was dismantled at the end of 2013 and the three partners were arrested and charged with a crime against public health. Cases of poisoning were not known, but many given that it was a wholesale company with many clients of hospitality in the area could have. . You should read this weblink to read extra about this amazing matter.

Israel to 24 hours extended truce off.

The ceasefire extended by the Israeli security cabinet at the request of the UN shall apply until 23 00 on Sunday evening pm (CEST). Also in the night sirens Howled in Israeli towns in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip again, to warn Palestinian rockets. On Saturday, many people in Gaza, used the cease-fire to restock their supplies. The rescue forces reached for the first time since the beginning of the Israeli ground offensive on 17 July and then hard-fought death zones. You recovered more than 150 bodies as communicated to the emergency services. The Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who took part in the talks in Paris, said the Conference attendees were there very close to achieve a longer truce. But Israel rejected the proposal at the last minute. Turkey will make every effort to enforce a longer cease-fire. Israel and the Palestinian factions agreed on the next Friday, to allow for humanitarian reasons the weapons between 7 00 and 19 watch mention 00. Many Palestinians in the densely populated area took the opportunity to stock up with food and medicines. The streets filled once again with people, there was a rush in food markets. Shortly before the entry into force of the ceasefire, Israeli artillery shells June met a house in Chan in the night to Saturday. 20 – among them ten children – were killed and many others injured, as communicated to the Palestinian emergency services. The victims were all same family. . For extra about this topic visit http://de.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

The March No Tav in Susa Valley after a night of guerrilla warfare.

Back in March for a peaceful parade, popular and open to families and children. No Tav movement returns this afternoon on the path from the sports field of Giaglione porta al cantiere di Chiomonte: «We look forward to broad participation, "they know the organisers. The appointment is in the early afternoon today with official membership of 5 Star Movement and the Communist Refoundation Party. The parade marks the closing of the itinerant camp since mid-July is touching several places in lower Valley although the mobilization of the committees will continue throughout August.   Always from the parties are Giaglione 250 activists, particularly in the autonomous area and anarchic, that the other night they tried to approach the construction fences Tav of Chiomonte. There were but a part of the procession, composed of people with their faces covered, occupied the lanes of the motorway Torino-Bardonecchia, torched some 20 tarpaulins and raised barricades just a few metres from motorists who found themselves confronted with a wall of fire and immersed in smoke. Saved by traffic police who managed to block traffic just in time. The circulation has been restored only around three yesterday morning after the intervention of firefighters.   Yesterday afternoon in the Centre of Bussoleno No Tav Movement held a garrison in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Nicoletta Dosio, distort movement leader, announces: "La Valsusa is on the side of Palestine and of oppressed peoples. Today we March with Palestinian flags. We ask that the Italy break diplomatic relations with Israel because the side with Palestine are not only vain words». The procession will try to achieve the goals of the site.   Meanwhile, the French Agency for the financing of transport infrastructure (Afitf) has allocated 105 million for geognostica Gallery of Saint-Martin-La-Porte, in Savoy. Jobs, starts in early 2015, marking the resumption of construction activity for the Turin-Lyon in France. With this funding Paris covered the costs for the completion of a project within its competence.   . Extended text can be found visiting url.

Israel protests in Berlin: the irreconcilable.

Much has been discussed about the recent anti-Semitic failures on Israel-hostile demonstrations; and many feared it would happen again this Friday on the pro Palestinian Al Quds demo which takes place every year in Berlin. After a few minutes, the fear seems confirmed: Yes – this man, this shield is anti-Jewish, no doubt. The good news: He is the only one who wears his Jew hatred so openly flaunting. And the police will confiscate later his shield. Approximately 1200 demonstrators have gathered on this Friday afternoon at the Adenauer Platz, many young men from Turkish and Arabic backgrounds, but also quite a few women, and without headscarf, many have small children. About the crowd rise to Palestinian flags in the gray-shrouded sky, the Syrian flag, separates the yellow flag of Hezbollah, the Lebanese radical Islamist militia. Israelis have come. One red eyeliner of them is, 27 years, long black hair, stronger. Since September, she lives in Berlin, the city is considered hip among young Israelis. At least Jew, Jew, cowardly pig on the Ku was it – up young men ‘ dam shouted. I feel threatened, she says. Before, I never had the feeling in Germany, I had to hide my identity. But now I’m wearing a star of David. Yves Arievick, 25, grew up in Berlin, who says Israel, father: I have no problem with criticism of Israel. But how can we allow such anti-Semitic slogans in Germany?. You should check this http://de.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz to discover extra on this amazing topic.

Opera in Rome, confirmed the strike. Saturday I miss la Boheme to Caracalla.

Confirmed the new strike of the orchestra dell’Opera di Roma: la Boheme scheduled Saturday night at Caracalla then canceled. The Fondazione Teatro dell’Opera had proposed a new Trade Union meeting held Monday 28 July. Asking for the suspension of the strike while tomorrow. But unions got the No. This umpteenth helpfulness of the Foundation-supports a well-known Theatre-the two unions responded negatively continuing in their irresponsible action of destroying any possible dialogue. Having taken note of the attitude of total closure of the two unions (première due and Cgil) stubbornly in the proclamation of the strike, which arrecher as you said a serious economic damage and the Foundation, the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, in order to avoid the public new difficulties and unnecessary travel, announces that the show de La boh me scheduled for tomorrow Saturday July 26 will go on stage. I exist only if you raise the curtain. Make a strike as if I commit suicide. If I get to this just to work with dignity, state two days ago the vent with the Ansa agency: Vincenzo Bolognese, first violin in the orchestra of the Teatro dell’Opera of Rome, between the participating professors to strike proclaimed by Slc-Cgil and Première due-Cisal. Don’t ask for more money and are not a rebel: my motivation exclusively artistic in nature, he explained. I’m not a malingerer, but I can’t think of going in the hole and a poor quality product. Then clarifies the motivations that drove him and, in his opinion, most components of the orchestra, to put in place the protest: we ask regular competitions to expand the orchestra gradually so that you arrive at agreed unit 117 years ago by theater, Municipality, Ministry and Union parties, he says. They call us irresponsible but we will only be able to work under normal conditions, worthy of a large theater, continues, explaining that today the number of orchestra teachers not even 90 and each setting there need to musicians on call. But change each time staff-notes-means prevent the creation of harmony in the orchestra, not to mention that the direct call is not always synonymous with excellence. The ICFTU dissociates and stigmatizes the protest of two minority unions which are causing the liquidation of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. He said the Secretary General of the Cisl, Raffaele Bonanni in an interview with Rai News 24. They are always the same trade unions playing collapsing. a shameful affair cause the liquidation of one of the most important theatres in the world. We send protests against this type of unionism that is ruining the image of our country in the world. really unbelievable that for a few tantrums or syndicate of any musician can stop Caracalla and download your own corporate positions taken on other workers. The theater, meanwhile, apologized to all viewers who may request a full refund of the ticket by appearing at the ticket office of the Opera House (Teatro Costanzi)-upon delivery thereof, for the amount shown on the ticket-from Monday to Saturday, from 10 to 16 within 5 days from the date of the show. Customers who bought tickets online on the official channels, will receive the refund directly from the ticket amount credited to the credit card used for purchase. . Related text can be inspected checking http://de.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

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