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Improvements works by composers invited to the film music Festival opening concert.

The bulk of the musical part of the International Festival of film music ‘Province of Cordoba’ has started on Thursday with an expected and very participatory concert, ‘ The best of the best’. The Grand Théâtre de Córdoba – which will also host the concerts Friday and Saturday-received the Cordoba Orchestra and choir Ziryab to interpret an impressive selection of drivers of film music melodies. Polish Abel Korzeniowski has been interpreted a selection of his scores: ‘WE’, ‘A Single Man’, ‘Escape from Tomorrow’ and the successful series of television ‘Penny Dreadful’, as reported by the Organization in a statement. The collection of Rolfe Kent for this concert have been the soundtracks for ‘Charlie St. Cloud’, ‘Just Like Heaven’, ‘About Schmidt’, ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’ and ‘House of Yes’. The American composer Craig Safan premiered during this concert special from one of his most famous works suite: ‘The Last Starfighter’ (1984), as well as propose a beautiful Elegy of the ‘Son of the Morning Star’ TV movie. . For extra insights about this topic click site.

Intesa Sanpaolo: Yes to marriage leave for gay couples.

The agreement is the natural result of more generic protocol that addresses universal values of inclusion, equality and solidarity and is divided into a series of common will, directed to achieve these principles concerning equal opportunities in corporate welfare. The Protocol, as explained by the Intesa Sanpaolo group, reconfirmation and explicit willingness of parties to orientate their actions to prevent favouritism, abuse and discrimination relating to gender, age, ethnicity, religion, political and trade union membership, sexual orientation, language and other skills and to respect the diversity and take action to eliminate discrimination and ensure equal opportunities at work and in relationships between people in the company. But also for concrete initiatives aimed at promoting and supporting gender equality, promoting the reconciliation of working life and services in favour of families. In this context the parties have signed the first implementing agreement, which recognizes extraordinary paid leave during the same-sex marriage both civil and religious, celebrated in Italy or abroad, although not recognized by the Italian law. For Giuseppe Bilanzuoli, Secretary responsible for Uilca of the Intesa Sanpaolo group, sharing this prediction ‘ legislation represents a sign of modernity and civilization, which fits in a concrete and active in the path necessary to counteract and eliminate inequalities and translate into welfare needs agreements of female workers and of workers ‘. . You can visit the following hyperlink to learn more about this interesting topic.

Mayor of Oklahoma: “Weight is with us no taboo more”.

There are so many programs that the Government has dreamed up for overweight, for example, that the people want more cycling. This is a nice idea, but she fight not the problem. What you eat and how much you eat aim. This is what our program is different from other diet programs. We have given the human nutrition information and calorie tables, so that they could see that their diet is the problem. I think that we were so successful and others not. New year’s Eve 2007, I stood before the elephant enclosure at the Zoo. I could go ahead with good example, because I had lost already 20 pounds. On new year’s Eve already thousands of people make themselves, to be finally thinner; the media reports about people who have already made it. I so gave a press conference and said that my goal is that the city takes down a million pounds. As much as 100 elephants together weigh. Much better than I thought. I was not sure whether the media would not me making fun and affect the mood in the city. But on the contrary, she wrote: many Americans are too fat, and finally a town wants to do something about it. We have the website thiscityisgoingonadiet. com called into life. It could register all residents of Oklahoma City and regularly enter his current weight. 49 000 people registered in the first week. . Related data can be inspected visiting http://fi.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

Ottolenghis recipe: slow lamb.

Also in this recipe lamb and plum meet, actually old friends in the Oriental kitchen. But experience in many other dishes I loved their reincarnation: lamb meatballs, stuffed with dried barberry. Quail stuffed with Dried apricots or pomegranate syrup, which is stirred into a hearty Fleischeinopf. Dried fruits work especially well. Dried figs or prunes in a North African Tagine dish or dates with roast chicken or chopped apricots, mixed with minced lamb meat and stuffed into a bird – the fruit not only again gives the meat a deep sweetness, it absorbs even the flavors of the meat dish. Smaller dried fruit absorbs as well to aromatic liquids: for example small currants, sherry vinegar soaked and then mixed in a wamen roast chicken bread salad with bitter green vegetable. The Preheat oven to 190 ° C (cyclonic oven). The skin 10 times cut lamb shoulder with a sharp knife about 1 cm and then place with the skin side up in a large, deep bang. The mass of the Braters should be even 40 cm 33 cm. Eight cloves of garlic along with the fennel seeds, thyme leaves, paprika, turmeric, chilli pepper, 2 teaspoons salt and 50 g butter chop with a hand blender or in a food processor. Spread the paste with your hands on the whole shoulder of lamb. Set aside and let it rest for 30 minutes at room temperature. . Inspirational facts can be studied reading the following http://fi.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

Iraq, ambush a convoy of detainees: at least 60 dead.

about 60 deaths on budget, untestable independently on the ground of an ambush carried out by armed men against a prison convoy north of Baghdad. The reports the Pan-Arab satellite tv al Arabiya, citing Iraqi police sources. According to the sources, two were suicide bombers detonated this morning at dawn to the passage of a convoy of buses which were traveling about 60 inmates transferred from Baghdad to Taji prison, 30 miles north of the capital. After the explosions, not better specified gunmen opened drones against security forces escorting the means and followed a shootout. At least 50 inmates and a dozen or so agents would have died in the attack but the provisional budget and not independently verifiable. The attack occurred a few hours before the long-awaited meeting in Baghdad, in the fortified Green Zone of the super city, between Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki and UN Secretary-General Ban ki-moon, on a visit in Iraq battered by Al and offensive by the resurgence of violence in denominational background. . For additional insights on this subject check http://fi.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

Israel: president Shimon Peres leaves office.

Mayors and senior municipal towns in the South of Israel, exposed to the firing of rockets from Gaza, were invited to take oath in order to show that the most important today in Israel is operation protective edge, the name of the military campaign Israeli against the Palestinian Hamas, asserted in a joint communiqué new Chairman Rivlin and the Chairman of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein. At the time where IDF soldiers (acronym for the army in Hebrew) are fighting and Israeli citizens are under fire from rockets, we have decided to hold a ceremony small and unobtrusive, the press release continues. Reuven Rivlin, 74, is a high figure in color from the Israeli right, supporter said of greater Israel but also staunch defender of the rule of law. Lawyer training, known for his affability and his traits of mind, Mr. Rivlin began his political career in 1988 with Likud (nationalist right) elected member of the Knesset. It will then become twice speaker of the Knesset (2003-2006 and 2009-2013). On the ideological front, it is part of the wing right-most of the Likud and has never hidden its hostility to the creation of a Palestinian State. Shimon Peres, 90 years old, who leaves the political scene after a long career, said that it would continue its activities for the State of Israel. I will always be at the service of the State, he said Wednesday to the press during a visit to the family of a soldier killed in Gaza. . Related info can be found checking blog.

More MH17 victims are transferred to the Netherlands.

On Thursday more victims should be placed the devastating plane crash the Hague/Kharkov – in the Eastern Ukraine in the Netherlands. Transport planes to pick up the coffins in Kharkov and 16 00 land watch in Eindhoven. The examination of the flight recorders in the UK continues. In the crash of the Boeing 777-200 of the Malaysia Airlines were 298 people from ten countries to life came a week ago, including 193 Dutch and four women in Germany. The first casualties were brought in the Netherlands on Wednesday. The population received the dead in deep mourning. Flag waved at half-mast. The Government had proclaimed a national day of mourning for the first time in 50 years. Until Friday, the other so far recovered bodies should follow. The fighting continued, meanwhile, in the Eastern Ukraine. At Sneschnoje shortly before the Russian border, two Ukrainian fighter jets were shot down by the Sukhoi SU-25 type. The Ukraine accused Russia that the rockets had been fired from there. According to rebel, a pilot was found dead. Already the day before the Volkswehr in Lugansk had shot down two Sukhoi planes, a spokesman said. The investigation after this disaster, which will be officially launched by the National Security Council in the Netherlands, continued in several places. The flight recorder of the Boeing were taken to Farnborough in southern England. The Dutch Council expects results in a few weeks. Russian specialists are involved in the evaluation according to Moscow. In the Ukraine, the secret service SBU checked radio communications between air traffic controllers on the ground and the MH17 pilot. Moscow warned of a possible distortion of the material. The Dutch Safety Board called for urgently secure access for specialists to the crash site at the place Grabowo, controlled by insurgents. At the moment, there is no guarantee for the security of the experts, they said. Representatives of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and Malaysian experts examined the site of the accident, however, on Wednesday. Moscow criticised the fact that the Ukrainian air force fly attacks nearby. Actually the weapons wanted to leave as the separatists in the district mention Kiev. . For extended insights regarding this matter read http://fi.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

The tweet of an elected official ignited the canvas: his account is a fake?

A dumper of anathemas, a petition calling for his resignation, a Facebook page against him,, But for what reason Jacques Renaud, Deputy Mayor DVD de Montreuil-Juigné, a town in Maine-et-Loire, is the target number one of the pro-Palestinian on the canvas? Because of a tweet published Monday on an account which is not his. Indeed, the elected went complaint Wednesday to the mounted police for identity theft, according to Western France.  "The investigation is ongoing," confirmed the parquet of Angers. The Mayor assured the regional daily that "on behalf of his Deputy has been hacked. On this account, the profile of Jacques Renaud is inconsistent: he presents himself as an elected official to Angers Loire Métropole and the general Council, which is not the case, reported the daily. Everything is gone a full of faults message posted Monday, referring to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: "a large supports a all #juifs of France attacked, we are in the 21st century one can of humanism and citizenship would be welcome (sic). What meets a surfer, visibly pro-Palestine: "Yes a little humanism you’re right and this picture reflects that of the most moral army." On the cliché, we see the body of a little ragged child, held by Arab physicians. Impossible to certify the origin of the photo. Response on behalf of Jacques Renaud: "it’s meat Halal I guess? «»Heartless’, ‘shame’, ‘racist’, "infamous comments", "unworthy of representing our country» Responses to this message, – always online at the moment where we publish article – coming soon. The offending message is retweetee more than 1200 times.   The pressure mounts. On the Exchange platform, a petition was created to request the dismissal of Jacques Renaud of the Community Council of Angers Loire Métropole,, even though it is not member. But that is what is shown on the profile of his – wrong? – Twitter account. In any case it was signed by more than 600 people at the moment. Two Socialists, animators of the strong left MPs, Yann Galut (expensive) and Alexis Bachelay (Hauts-de-Seine), send a release to denounce a "disgrace".  A Facebook page is also being developed. Its title? "Jacques Renaud must be transferred."  This Wednesday, the first Deputy Mayor Llarena said that Jacques Renaud "never possessed Twitter account". "It is victim of something very serious", she continued, ensuring that the usurper "continued to tweeter» under the name of Jacques Renaud while latter"was at the police station to complain. " According to Nathalie Lemaire, the municipal team is "dismayed" and "supportive of Mr Renaud".  "He falls high, it does not account of what happens to him. ” For extended information about this subject read url.

Löw until 2016 national coach: the autocrat.

But rather than to cede the national coach wants his contract running until 2016 to meet. At the moment I can imagine nothing better than to continue working with this team, to lead the Championship after France the team, individual players to develop, said Löw at DFB. de: I’m so motivated as the first day at the DFB. For that he must while the absence of best outside Defender take world or optionally a superb midfielder in buying, but the circle of potential national team players is as big as outstanding. Even the older service providers (Bastian Schweinsteiger, per Mertesacker) are young enough to get even 2016 top performance. And the currently perhaps outstanding German footballer, Marco Reus, was missing at the World Cup due to injury. When one adds yet the numerous talents in the Bundesliga as well as the alleged development of the current squad, the German team will be even stronger, top favorite for euro 2016 is already. A such position of strength has now Löw. Was he in public sometimes violently in the past been criticized – especially after the semi-final-off against Italy at the European Championships in 2012 and after the 4:4 in a World Cup qualifier against Sweden, but also for the eighth-finals against Algeria in Brazil, he may feel now as sacrosanct. As a defender Benedikt Höwedes: worked. Only Sami Khedira or Schweinsteiger, then both: worked. André Schürrle as a major substitute: worked. . For additional information on this topic click homepage.

“The financial emergency brake” – Mollaths Defender-Hick hack staged, so that the State pay?.

Second, It could also be a staged quarrel. Makwana is always to have no own income. It is so obvious that he lacked the money to continue to pay the choice Defender Santamaria and Rau forest. If they now represent him as a public defender, no longer Makwana, but the State has to pay the defense costs. It could have been so a financial emergency brake. We do not know precisely nothing. Fricke:, you can seriously oppose a mandatory defense. Gerhard Strate has invested so much passion and energy in this case. It’s like in a marriage, you should not give up also because a small crisis. New Defender will only be ordered if the relationship of trust is really damaged. Makwana and strategies, however, are both prima donnas – there it could really be that they have gekabbelt today and tomorrow, everything is fine again. You can be more than satisfied with the process so far. . Similar info can be found checking link.

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