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Ukraine: controversy after a Russian actor video firing the machine gun on the front line.

A Russian actor has triggered a controversy in Russia and Ukraine by appearing in a video shot at the Donetsk airport, on the front line, where he draws heavy machine-gun fire with separatists and wears a barred helmet of the word press. Mikhail Poretchenkov, an actor famous for his roles in the theatre, in television series and film, appears in a video with rebel fighters at the airport in Donetsk, the army and the rebellion are competing for months to shots of mortars and artillery shells. Protected by a bullet-proof vest and a helmet bearing the Word Press, the actor, all smiles, pulls the heavy machine gun in the direction, in all likelihood, Ukrainian positions, according to images broadcast by the television channel of the rebels, NovorossiaTV. com Images of the actor making the tourism of war aroused the wrath of Russian and foreign journalists who have paid a heavy price in Ukraine. Seven journalists, including five Russians, died in the East of Ukraine since the beginning of the armed conflict in April. We both battalions, we fight so hard to protect journalists. And a guy with two neurons, but with a beautiful hangover, organizes such provocations, said the representative of the Union of journalists in Moscow, Pavel Gusev, on Ekho Moskvy radio waves. The Russian Union of journalists described the Act of revolting actor and called him to make a public apology to journalists who risk their lives, in exercising their professional duty in the area of the armed conflict in Ukraine. We deeply regret the irresponsible conduct of the Poretchenkov actor, the Russian Union of journalists said in a statement. The representative of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on freedom of the media, Dunja Mijatovic, condemned this abuse deplorable and shameful of the distinctive signs of the press, stressing that this exposed journalists in conflict zones to serious risks and undermined all efforts to protect members of the media. Kiev authorities have for their part announced a lawsuit against the actor. (Ukrainian) investigators are convinced that Interpol will actively support their investigation and that Poretchenkov not be able to get out of Russia without being arrested and extradited to Ukraine, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsene Avakov wrote on his Facebook page. Ukrainian secret services have also initiated criminal proceedings against the actor for participation in terrorist activities. In his defense, the Russian actor told the Russian news agency TASS that he had not seen the press badges on his jacket and helmet, and that it was a staged and blank cartridges. I put the (press) headset for my security, he added, calling it foolish prosecutions announced by the Ukraine against him. Mikhail Poretchenkov, one of the most well-known in Russia, including seduced the public through his roles muscle in action films sometimes to the glory of the Russian army, as Grozovie Vorota (the doors of the storm), which showcases Russian soldiers with heroism of hundreds of Chechens. . Related facts can be read reading http://3349c8cb4b55ed56aa1f4.com-information-classified.eu.

The folder disappears in certified email, but notification is spending.

-Wonders of technology and the mysteries of the bureaucracy. The attempt to streamline the relationship between taxpayers and administration is a priority for all Governments of the last two decades and Matteo Renzi Executive has made a real flag; so you read the recent approval of the precompiled 730, which undoubtedly represents a major step forward in order to facilitate the Declaration of the incomes of retirees and employees. But in the sea of red tape there are still rocks, to high risk stranding, en route to simplification. One case was raised in Parliament by Deputy Julius Caesar Sottanelli Civic choice. Concerns the paradox of payment sent by collection agents. These, according to a decree of 2010, can be dispatched is no longer in print, but in the form of certified electronic mail: the PEC is equivalent to a registered letter with acknowledgement of return. Despite the dematerialisation, folders have a fixed cost for those who receive: 5.88 euro per refund notification law. The testing sent via certified mail started in 2013 for the legal entities of Molise, Toscana, Lazio and Campania. By the end of August, Equitalia announced that new practice can be extended to those individuals holders of VAT. Okay, but-you ask the Congressman in question to the Treasury-is it not out of place to ask the taxpayer still notification costs?The Mef’s written reply stated that the premise is not entirely correct: the notification law does not cover only the costs of registered mail, but all that’s behind it: those referable to the entire management process of notification thereof, levied on them, liquidating a particular amount. However, some sort of admission of the paradox, with a commitment to maintain high attention to the need to implement the use of new technologies in the service of payment cards in order to achieve, in addition to improved efficiency and rapidity of the proceedings, an undoubted higher economy resulting in reduced overall costs to taxpayers benefit too. . Additional info can be inspected checking http://3349c8cb4b55ed56aa1f4.com-information-classified.eu.

Typology of ill colleagues: I’m giving ‘ me three months. Optimistically estimated.

In any other season the colours and smells are similar outside and inside as much as in the autumn. Outside the window: A red orange sheet world that inevitably eventually ends up being Brown musty slide film on the floor. In the Office: smell of decay increases colleagues with red cold noses and orange scarf Würgeschlangen – and from the Recycle Bin. There, used pace and tea bags, as well as whether str Este have found a common final resting place. History: It starts innocently, with a runny nose and cough. A well-meaning colleague offers several chemical clubs concerned from its home pharmacy. He politely refuses: Oh, it’s nothing. Two days later the person concerned looks like he belongs in the bed – what the boss with a paternal Pat tells him. But the sick appeased: Oh, it’s nothing. I go today just once previously in the bed. When did you again the power point to the quarterly? On the third day after onset of symptoms he hangs with the last strength in an Office Chair, again and again, his emaciated body is plagued by attacks of chills. You go now to the doctor on the spot, determined the concerned Office staff. Oh, says the person concerned – and collapses. . Additional text can be found clicking http://3349c8cb4b55ed56aa1f4.com-information-classified.eu.

After Central Bank announcement: Course Fireworks at Tokyo Stock Exchange.

A stunning course Fireworks has triggered on Friday the Bank of Japan. With the announcement of an unexpectedly large package of measures to stimulate the economy, Governor Haruhiko Kuroda has spurred the imagination. For the Nikkei by more than four percent to a new year high it went upward, the yen came under massive pressure. The Japanese Central Bank increased its asset purchases for the first time for more than one and a half years after its inflation target of 2 per cent, increasingly out of reach has been. Specifically the Bank divided with their annual purchases of asset – your most important tool to propel inflation – to increase 80 trillion yen. The previous range was 60 to 70 trillion yen. The Bank of Japan wants to buy mainly more Japanese Government bonds. Also she want to put in equity and real estate funds. On the other hand, statements of the State Pension Fund in Japanese aroused the hope of increased stock purchases. The Fund aims to reduce the proportion of domestic bonds by almost 60 percent on only half way towards medium to long term. The Fund is $1.2 trillion. Buying pleasure there is also the other stock exchanges in Asia. So the hope in China also based on stimulating measures of the Central Bank. In addition, companies have presented positive reports. The Bank of China and the agricultural Bank of China have the net clearly increased, allowing the shares to 2.4 and 3.7 percent rise. . For more insights regarding this topic read http://3349c8cb4b55ed56aa1f4.com-information-classified.eu.

Dam Sivens: meeting under pressure to the general Council of the Tarn.

An important political milestone will be reached this Friday. Today is that the elected representatives of the Tarn decide the future of the dam site in the forest of Sivens, five days after the death of Rémi Fraisse during clashes between opponents to the project and enforcement as soon as 8 hours, opponents gather in Albi before the general Council, where 46 elected representatives of the Department must discuss and deliberate from 9:30. The security forces will be mobilized to avoid spillage, as Thursday night in Rennes or the day before in Paris.   A minute’s silence should be observed at the beginning of meeting in memory of the young Toulouse 21 years, died Sunday in Lisle-sur-Tarn, on the site of the construction of the future withholding water. Then opens the debate. Owner of this reservoir, the Department is under pressure. The France questioned the legitimacy of the project, disputed locally since 2011, and who had been qualified of ‘no meaning’ and ‘stupidity’ before even the drama, by the environmentalists José Bové and Noël Mamère elect.   Continue the site, stop it temporarily to amend it or abandon it permanently? It seems unlikely that the decision to prosecute is taken after the dead of Rémi Fraisse, as Ségolène Royal has convened a meeting for next Tuesday to "other solutions" to the dam as it is currently designed. Minister of ecology is based on an expert report, she had ordered, and that points with severity overestimation of at least 35% of the water needs of the farmers, including. The size of the deduction–315 m wide on a height of 12.5 – could therefore be adjusted downward. So far, only one of 46 Councillors had objected to the project.  Jacques Pages (various left) said "very pessimistic" on the outcome of the discussions. Because in their report published Monday, "and experts instructed by the Ministry of ecology explain why it should not have been doing this dam" but "concluded that now, it will have to do it anyway, because it is already too late,," "It is distressing! Invited by France Info this Friday morning, Maryline Lherm, Councillor general of the Tarn (canton of Lisle-sur-Tarn), pushes the idea of outright abandonment in favour of arrangements.  "There is a report of experts (who have been) recommendations, the bases of our work lie there on. ” (. . . ) This project is still public news. I am not closed to changes, at all, but if unfortunately it comes to abandon, cannot do most anything at all"in France the chosen, florist by profession, believes that"the problem is not there today. The situation in emergency, for her, is that occupation of the wetland of the walkthrough by a mixture of environmentalists, anti-globalization and hyper-radicalises activists.  Some refuse dialogue starting from the principle that the given word is never respected, and that the only option is the abandonment of the project. According to Mireille Lherm, "people are terrorized by violence there is on the site and which they are witnesses. For months, until the confrontation degenerates into clashes, opponents had multiplied actions in justice, hunger, events strikes, occupations of places, even if it means living perched in the trees. They should, this Friday morning outside the headquarters of the departmental proceeding, remember the details of their mobilisation to preserve these 13 hectares of wetlands where to live, according to them, 94 protected animal species and 353 species of plants.  The Union of young farmers of the Tarn, it requires "strong actions" authorities so that the "necessary and urgent" project for ‘ensuring the economic life of a rural territory poor’ is achieved. According to the Chamber of agriculture, 82, essentially corn farms, suffer from problems of irrigation downstream.   . You should click this http://3349c8cb4b55ed56aa1f4.com-information-classified.eu to discover more about this interesting matter.

Spa parties are on the verge of bankruptcy: without public funds 80 million hole.

Milan-The salamella of Democratic Party (long life to them) and the maxi-cheques of Silvio Berlusconi to Italy Force & c. are not enough anymore. The cutting of public funding to political parties-dropped from 290 million in 2010 to 40 expected this year-took Italian politics on the counterattack. And the former Eldorado of Spa Parties is on the brink of collapse. Carta canta: 2013 budgets of the major Italian formations were closed in the red for 82 million, 70 in more than two years ago, despite the daring spending review initiated by all in zone Cesarini. Doubling to 35 million of raise individual contributions-many of which have been disbursed to Pocket their parliamentarians-is served just to limit the damage: the donations with the 2 per thousand does not take off, membership campaigns-accomplice-crisis will not pull more, the State will close all taps in 2017. And Italian politics prepares a 2014 still blacker where it is already understood that there will still be to pull (and much) the belt. The dish cries for everyone. The roof to cut expenses by individual 670mila to 170 thousands per year (fall to 80,000 in 2014) imposed by the Pd to Senators and deputies did not prevent large accounts of the Nazarene close in red to 10.8 million.   The Democrats have poured into the coffers of 5.48 million, far more than last year (euro 21mila Pierluigi Bersani, 18,000 Rosy Bindi, 250 14. Maria Elena Woods). However, the horizon remains dark as will state this year only 12 million (they were 57 three years ago) and to balance the accounts will be an undertaking. Things are even worse in the center-right, Berlusconi-dependent entirely, except the new Center of Angelino Alfano I, born at the end of 2013, did not submit the statement. Forza Italy (red for 25.5 million) was kept afloat by a liberal donation of 15 million ex-Knight, which guarantees the personal guaranties with 83 million accumulated deficit from the party. FULL ARTICLE ON NEWSSTANDS AND REPUBLIC REPUBLIC +. Additional information can be inspected visiting http://3349c8cb4b55ed56aa1f4.com-information-classified.eu.

The New York Times is getting healthy thanks to digital.

The digital transition of the New York Times Group is bearing fruit, in the third quarter, an increase of 20% of subscribers and a jump in advertising revenue, to reduce its quarterly losses by two. Our performance in the third quarter was better than our forecasts, it reflects the strength of the digital as a whole which has more than offset the decline in print and a total turnover of about 1% growth, was pleased Mark Thompson, CEO of the group. Between June and September, the owner of the eponymous American newspaper recorded a loss of 12.5 million dollars, against a loss of 24.2 million a year earlier. And the turnover has nibbled a small percent to 206.7 million. On digital media advertising revenues increased for the third consecutive quarter, with a jump of more than 17% year on year, and the pub on printed media even increased slightly in September, noted Mr. Thompson. The Group has welcomed 44. 000 new subscribers on its digital publications, or + 20% over one year. According to Ken Doctor, analyst specializing in the media with the firm Outsell, estimated that the New York Times would soon cross the threshold of the 900. Digital subscribers. This is an important number (,.) which marked a major success in terms of site partly paid. According to him, the strategy digital implementation by the NYT allows him to collect a substantial amount of turnover outside the United States, a significant windfall to operate in 2015 and beyond. It also noted the boost given by the group in digital. Chief Financial Officer Jim Follo stressed his side that the strong performance of the group in the digital had partly offset higher than anticipated expenses related to the deletion of hundreds of posts of journalists. Additional costs which, according to him, is responsible for a part of the quarterly losses. Like other media, the New York Times operates a transfer from print to digital to offset the decline in its readership and counteract competition from other sources of online information. But in this mutation, he must nevertheless still bear high costs of legacy paper-based operations and an extensive editorial network. The Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, who bought the Washington Post in the fall in 2013, is also developing a digital-oriented strategy. It has already concluded agreements with American regional newspapers which will be able to use digital content in the Washington Post on their internet sites, and would consider using its Kindle tablet to boost the readership of the journal. The application of the Washington Post will be pre-installed on the future Tablet Kindle for free, but will pay for rival operating systems, wrote early October Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. . You must check this http://3349c8cb4b55ed56aa1f4.com-information-classified.eu to discover more regarding this amazing matter.

Rome: former employee stabs chef Eataly, humiliate me. Injured vigilantes, terror among customers.

He chased the stairs and has dealt blows to the arm. And if it were not a vigilante, who was also stabbed, would continue to be cruel perhaps up to kill him. Terror at Eataly in Rome. A former employee of Afghanistan, resigned from 24 October but in service until 2 November, he stabbed the executive chef Fabio Nitti, a chef’s tip. Humiliate me-To tell a story of police harassment: treated me bad, I teased, and I was forced to resign. A premeditated fury that drove him to seek the chef, pounce on him after he chased on the stairs between the screaming and fear of customers and employees. A vigilante intervened to prevent the worst was also wounded in the arm. The Afghan has also attempted a desperate escape after leaving the bloodied knife on Earth but was stopped by internal security come to the cries of the victim and of the customers. Finally the attacker was stopped by the police. An afternoon of fear-to assist even the patron Oscar Farinetti which was located at home and hearing the screams came up the stairs. That guy was good-says talking about the young Afghan-if he had not fired I would have hired for an indefinite period. But today was another, I had hallucinated gaze, did not speak, the restrained in four: he wanted his kill. Hosseini Sharif, political refugee, was entered by Eataly in December 2013 winning a tender Italian Crafts. The October 24 but had resigned but had to work until 2 November. Today had to start round the counter to 17 Rotisserie but occurred at Eataly at 16 carrying a knife. Fabio sought, says a witness. The attack-Some colleague describes Hosseini as a quiet, calm guy, punctual but today was another. Why did you do that? Why? I treat well anyone who works with me he yelled when Nitti was shot. The agents also will listen to his version. But Hosseini tells the agents alleged harassment suffered. And the spectrum is just what old rusts at work or shifts too exhausting, as more than an employee. In my Department in a week if they are made redundant three-says a barbecue stall-boy if I could I would go but there’s crisis and a place does not allow. Meanwhile, while continuing his scientific findings in the hallway of the aggression, customers of the Made in Italy continue to buy and to crowd the numerous cheap restaurants but of good quality and autochthonous. At Eataly will continue to work. . You must check this http://3349c8cb4b55ed56aa1f4.com-information-classified.eu to learn more regarding this interesting matter.

Andy Borg fighting for the Musikantenstadl.

The Musikantenstadl is one of the oldest TV shows in Germany, he is running as a Eurovision broadcast in Austria and of Switzerland. About his future after 2015 is being debated at the stations in the three countries currently. Borg had so far not extensively expressed on the subject. After numerous reactions of spectators he had now decided to go public to the and to make, for the receipt of the consignment, he told the News Agency dpa. There are the Musikantenstadl founded by the ORF in Austria since March 1981, since April 1983, he runs also in Germany. For the preservation of the show, fans have the Facebook page say yes to the Musikantenstadl set, Borg wants to support. The next edition of the show, which is hosted by Borg since September 2006, will be broadcast live on 31 December as Silvesterstadl from Graz in Austria. Four editions are planned for 2015. They come from Oberwart in Austria (March 28), from Pula in Croatia (27 June), Offenburg, Baden, Germany (12 September) and Linz, Austria (31 December). . Main facts may be found checking this http://3349c8cb4b55ed56aa1f4.com-information-classified.eu.

Kosovo-EU: investigation on accusations of corruption within Eulex.

The head of the EU Mission of police and justice (Eulex) in Kosovo Gabriele Meucchi said Thursday that on bribery charges against three officials of Eulex would be subject to a thorough investigation. We take these accusations very seriously, said the Italian diplomat at a press conference in Pristina. The accusations by British attorney Maria Bamieh against the Chief of the mission Procurator, the Czech Jaroslava Novotná and former Justice of Eulex, the Italian Francesco Florit will be fully investigated. The charges will not be ignored, he insisted at the first press conference since Ms. Bamieh revealed its charges, Tuesday, the local press and AFP. Eulex, which today counts 1. 500 employees, has been implemented in 2008, a few months after Kosovo has declared its independence from the Serbia, with mandate to load files deemed too sensitive for local justice. Responding Tuesday to AFP in the question: have you based suspicions that officials of Eulex have accepted bribes to classify sensitive files?, Ms. Bamieh replied Yes. Ms. Bamieh had accused Ms. Novotná, M. Florit and the Canadian Prosecutor Jonathan Ratel for accepting bribes the kosovar community in order to classify files. She also accused Mr. Ratel of attempting to keep him from revealing this information. -Information that should shock the EU – I do not know what are their explanations (Editor’s Note: those officials questioned), but my duty as a Prosecutor is to report this kind of thing. If I had not done so, I would have alleged to be involved, she said Tuesday. Mr. Meucchi stated that Eulex was aware of these accusations from 2013 and added that the mission and the system legal Kosovo had since launched a joint on this dossier investigation. A Prosecutor and police investigators were responsible for this dossier, he said. An in-depth investigation is underway in accord with what is the essence of the commitment of Eulex, namely the fight against corruption and impunity, said Mr. Meucchi. I can’t reveal what stage is located at the moment this criminal investigation, he added. According to local media, nearly 350. 000 were offered to Ms. Novotná and Mr Florit so they classify files. Ms. Bamieh, which is part of the mission since its inception in 2008, and which was recently charged his unit head of financial crimes, was suspended last week, a few days before the scandal erupted. It is not a sanction but a measure that applies in this kind of situation, said Mr. Meucchi. They want to punish me for what I discovered, by chance, just doing my job, had assured Ms. Bamieh Tuesday. She had also stated that, if they were disclosed, the information available to it should shock the European Union. Yes, it should shock the EU because this Organization (Editor’s notes, Eulex) wasted the taxpayers ‘ money and does nothing for the people of Kosovo, ” said. . Related data can be read checking web site.

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